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Why So Picky?

If you were forced to eat only vegetables for a whole day, could you do it? The answer to most kids between the ages of five and twelve say no. The children of today have strong opinions about the foods they eat. Why are they so picky? Well, it’s not their parents to blame for this, or even their grandparents. The desire for sweet, fatty foods dates back to humans living in prehistoric times.

When humans were just beginning to understand the world, vegetables were plentiful. They were grown all over and eaten as a staple food. As sweet foods began to be made many years later, the desire to have them became bigger. Fatty foods were rarer than the surplus of corn, tomatoes, beans, and lettuce. Our ancestors began to avoid the vegetables and lean more towards sweets at the time.

This craving has kept itself going until today. But, what is the main reason kids don’t like vegetables? Growing children have an initial instinct to eat more sugary foods than a child who isn’t growing. A cup of plain lettuce is just 5 calories. A cup of chocolate chips is 320. The differences in these foods base off of fat, calories, and sugar.

An instinct in your body tells you not to eat bitter foods. Most kids find vegetables bitter. This is why they would rather eat salted pretzels than celery sticks. This instinct also tells us to avoid mushy, unappealing foods such as cucumbers, cauliflower, and asparagus.

How can parents help their kids learn to lime vegetables? Parents should experiment with baking and adding vegetables into their child’s favorite meals. Overtime, you kid may try to eat them solely. They will eventually develop a liking for any bitter veggies he/she disliked before. Also, work on encouraging them to try new veggies. They don’t have to like all of them. There are thousands of vegetables for you kid to try.

Kids may not love the idea of eating vegetables now, but after trying new things, adding veggies to their meals, and substituting vegetables for sweets veggies can become a new snack. With encouragement, self-confidence, and the willingness to try new things, kids today will grow up to be happier and healthier adults.

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