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texting while driving: a serious issue

When a person has their eyes off a road, just to read a simple one word message even for a second, a huge impact can occur. It is sad and pathetic how so many people choose to take it as a joke and say thing like “that’s so stupid, nothing going to happen” until something actually does, and they end up paying the price for it, by regretting the reckless action they chose to be a part of and getting their license suspended. Every time a person chooses to make a careless decision, by having their eyes glued on their phone, another life or sometimes their own, is at a greater chance of being lost all because of stupidity. Think about it, is it really worth all the grieve and sadness from another family or even your own, just because of that one second? Even though after so many warnings, people still choose to rebel against the law and continue to participate in texting while driving, until something actually does happen. Not only is driving and texting at the same time a big issue, the big problem today is that people think driving is a joy ride, but in the dangers of the real world, many people are involved in car crashes that lead to death and/or serious injury.

People who often take their eyes off of the road, should not change their ways once something terrible happens, they should start ahead of time, so that way they will be prepared for safety. I strongly believe that it is an extremely bad idea to wait until a person witnesses a car crash in person, in order for them to stop the destructive choices. Society should smarten up and open their eyes before it’s too late, because once a life is lost, there is not turning back and no second chances. Once you make a mistake, your stuck with that guilt for the rest of your life and you can never take it back. Is it really worth the trouble of spending your whole life in regret, all because of one second? Don’t end another human’s life all because of one message. One second might not be a lot, but sadly the truth of the matter is, just even taking a simple peek at your device can cause a deadly collisions. Unfortunately, people wait until they see a impact happening right in front of their eyes, before they make a clear decision to get rid of all cellular devices.

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