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The Benefit of Being Active

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Studies have shown that children who tend to get involved in any physical activity lower their chances of obesity and other childhood illnesses. As a young child, I wasn’t always active because I dreaded the thought of being exhausted from the buildup of lactic acid. Being a teenager empowers me to apprehend that it is not how I feel now but it is how I will feel later on. I also feel that it is imperative for younger people to get active because it boosts self-esteem, enables communication, and builds physical confidence.

Being active allows young people to feel better about themselves. Most children look in the mirror and dread the day they were even born. By getting up and doing a simple walk around the yard can change who they think they are into the person who they want to be. Having a high self-esteem can help young people to identify who they are so that they will not be more prone to bullying. As a result, self-esteem can help you to learn to be a friend to someone else in need.

Another advantage of being active is that it enables drastic changes in communication. Lots of teachers wonder why their students do not facilitate well in a group. The answer may be that they do not know how to communicate with other people and would prefer being trapped in their own circle. People who go off by themselves have trouble getting their point across to others and therefore, have to repeat themselves a lot. Being able to communicate helps you to become active in the community and enables you to change someone else’s world perception.

Lastly, becoming active in the outdoors and in the community enable young people to feel physically confident about themselves. Those who do not have confidence worry about how they look and what people will think about them. This develops stress and depression that could lead to possible suicide attempts. Young children think that just because they are skinny means that they are healthy. This is a myth because some children with a visible physical fit body don’t have the best vitals. Therefore, having a great physical background helps you have high spirits for yourself and demonstrates to others that you can overcome.

In conclusion, young children should get active to raise their self-esteem, communication, and confidence skills. If young children fail to get active today, there will be more obese children walking around and a greater chance of death tomorrow. No one wants their child to be laid out on a stretcher and not knowing what will be their end result. By following my simple guidelines, young people will become active not only for their health but for finding their identity. My message to young children is as follows: My fellow companions, get up off that couch not only for your health but also for other child’s health.

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