How to Manage Your Time

November 30, 2009
You pull your hair, scream, and pound on things. It doesn’t matter, you’re still stressed. It seems ubiquitous. You can’t get away. The stress from each activity may thwart your success. You have school until 2:36 during the day, then soccer practice. Next, work until 10:00. Something else always comes up. This is a harbinger of a breakdown. Action needs to be taken.
Don’t fret—I have a few suggestions.

DANCE. Succumb to your inner booty-shaker. While getting ready in the morning, turn on the radio and let loose. It may help to relax and prepare you for the day ahead.

Take a break. Hit pause—find a remote place where you can have time to yourself. You need to relax.

Cut back. If you still can’t seem to calm down, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to one of your activities. If you can’t relax, some activities may be getting in the way.
Take my advice. You won’t be as successful if you can’t find a way to balance your time. When you don’t have time to yourself, you crack.

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