Global Warming

June 20, 2017
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One of the biggest problems today the world is facing is global warming. It is severe threat to our environment. Global warming causes has many reasons. Our earth is gradually warming up, it is due to global warming. It is caused due to greenhouse gases. There are two greenhouse gases and those gases are carbon dioxide and methane. Carbon dioxide is gas which has been really in keeping the earth warm but somehow it is increased in atmosphere causing the earth to warm up more. Carbon dioxide is produced due to burning of fossil fuels and gas that is coming from cars. Deforestation is also a main problem because when there are no trees then the carbon dioxide will be less absorbed. When the sun rays fall on earth it produces heat and carbon dioxide take some of the heat and rest of it escapes in space. But as carbon dioxide has increased it blocks the heat from escaping in space. Methane comes from marshy areas such as where rice is grown. Global warming has many effects on earth’s environment. It is melting the icecaps which is causing flooding in low lying areas. Mosquitoes will spread to new areas carrying more diseases. We should stop this problem. There are many ways to stop this problem.


Government could apply taxes on the industries which are burning fossil fuel. We should use less cars and try to use cycles to arrive at small destinations. We should at least grow one tree per week so, that our environment will remain clean.      

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