March 10, 2009
By Karlee K BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Karlee K BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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Wild animals' That is exactly what they are and that's how they should remain. Tigers, lions, bobcats, snakes, birds and monkeys. The wild animals should never be owned, because they can never really be tamed. Wild animals should never be kept as pets.

There are a lot of rich people that like to own wild and exotic animals. Because the animal is something that no one else has. People own lions and try to tame them. Lions are not meant to be tamed they were born wild and that's in their nature is to be wild. They weren't domesticated like cows, or horses, or dogs. With cows, horses, and dogs they have been with us since before time. They have learned to live with us and around us. Other animals such as lions, bears, or monkeys have not. They have lived out in the wild where there aren't any humans around. People need to understand that you can't tame a lion no matter what. You think you can because they start to do what you say when you train with them. But eventually something will start a spark in them and they will attack you. There are so many incidents with people that own wild animals that end up getting attacked by them thinking that they are safe to be around. Born Free USA is an organization that tries to protect animals from being held captive as pets.

Wild animals are cute when their young. Because they are so vulnerable to the world they cling to just about anyone or anything. When their young you don't have to worry
about them attacking you because they don't know what to do they are just cubs or babies. But once they start to get older it's in their nature to attack people. Even if you
can train an animal from birth to behave and gentle there will always come that day when everything would just turn very badly. There are cases when even zookeepers get attacked by their very own animals that they have trained from birth and every day after that. 'These animals by their very nature are incapable of being domesticated or tamed.'

Born Free USA says, 'These animals do not adjust well to a captive environment, for they require special care, housing, diet, and maintenance that the average person cannot provide.' People neglect animals and the animals get sick and die. If they don't feed the wild animal right or give it all that it is supposed to have then the animal could get really sick. Some people have got an animal so sick that they just give it to a zoo to take care of. Wild animals as pets injure and kill children and adults and can transmit potentially deadly diseases. People that don't have all the knowledge of how to take care of it would more than likely make it even sicker or kill it trying to help it. 'Only professionally operated, regulated facilities can provide appropriate levels of care for wild animals.' Says Born Free USA.

Wild animals are not meant to be owned. People need to either see them in the zoo or in the wild. Not in the room right beside theirs.

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