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Mother Nature's Touch

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Once open your eyes at dawn,with the soothing hum of the chirping birds overhead,
And feel the tickling dew on the comfy ,grassy beds.

Once lie under the twinkling stars with moon as the only light,
and feel special to be one among the brights ones

For once dive into the waters of a lazy river and swim with the fish hand in hand,
And return return leaving your mark forever on the riverside sand.

Once receive a smile passes on by those happy flowers ,
And smell the fresh fragrance of the damp mud after a spell of showers.

Just once, breathe in , the salty air which the waves of the sea bring in,
and view the vista of the unstoppable, mighty sea before you ,
but do try and see the reflection of a calmness in it too.

Once sit in the warmth of the sun in the chills of a winter morning,
to rejuvenate yourself with a new spirit of energy which always keeps you moving.

Only once,
let the gentle breeze kiss you and go,
Once admire the rainbow on a rainy day,
Once and only once,
Have a date with the dancing trees,
and adore the lovely butterflies and the busy bees.

But forever,always have the warm touch of Mother Nature, an essence of her around ,
which would give you peace even in a city of crowds.

You would never want to leave her blissful lap once you lay your head in it,
It is her magic which never binds you but lets you free,
but always leaves a mark always in your heart.

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