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Bambi: Master Assassin

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I’m not going to start this story with ‘once upon a time’ since... that doesn’t sound real. And this is a perfectly real story that I’m about to tell, so read what I say closely. This isn’t based on a true story, this IS a true story.

A couple found a baby deer whose mother was gone. Afraid that she would soon die without care, they rescued the fawn, and, not knowing where to take her, took her to a no-kill animal shelter. They were going to get her to a wild life reserve later.

Because of a laugh-like sound she would make, they named her Giggles. She was an innocent animal.

They took care of Giggles for two weeks. But the day before she was going to leave for freedom, nine DNR and four sheriffs deputies stormed in, armed like they were charging into gunfire.

They went through everything, and came out with little Giggles in a body bag that the man carried over his shoulder, as if the animal was a sack of apples.

Ray Schulze, that worked at the shelter, told the daily news that “I spent 22 years in the Air Force and two years in Vietnam and I've just never seen such totally unnecessary, senseless cruelty.” Cindy Shulze, who is the president of the shelter, also remarked that, "It was clearly to send a message that don't you dare mess with the DNR."

The deer didn’t even have a chance. The DNR claimed that it was illegal to have Giggles, and that she was a ‘wild animal’ and therefor, ‘dangerous’.

Giggles didn’t deserve to die, and the fact that she did was unjust, and a sin. She was an innocent deer, and unless there was a pack of explosives that she hid in her mouth, I very much doubt that a fawn was dangerous. That was animal cruelty.

Does this happen all the time?! Whats going on that we DON’T hear about?

This MUST stop. We MUST do something! We have a RIGHT to SPEAK UP!

Tell your neighbor, tell your friend. Draw signs, write about it, SHOUT IT OUT! No one is going to hear if you whisper. Everyone knows this was wrong, so it’s not going to be hard. Tell everyone who will listen! All you have to do is do what you love because I know everyone here has talent! I will write, maybe you can draw, or maybe you love making videos, or taking pictures. Whatever it is that you love to do, use it, because all of it helps. One talent is not better than the other! We are all equal. Lets stand up, because whats happening around us isn’t right! Their gift... is murdering innocent animals.


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