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Two minutes to save the world......

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"Oh my God! The world is going to end!,"exclaimed mamma.Distraught,she threw the newspaper.(Mind you,these days newspapers are only blotted with predictions of scientists. Not at all like earlier ,according to what grandma told me)
Now a days it is something really dreadful.The predictions are about the preciseness of when the world is going to end!
Yes.Horrible right?!But yet it is today's reality.
Grandma told me that life wasn't like this when she was young.It used to be like heaven on earth.She even showed me the pictures of interesting animal,all of which are just studied by archaeologists today.And even the bubbly brooks and gushing rivers that flowed.Now we have only stinky gutters and nothing more. Urgh........
The air is never fresh anywhere in the world.
Totally saturated with dusty smokes.Grandma said that earlier they had 'carbon footprint' as an attempt to reduce pollution, but in vain.No wonder,why we have oxygen footprint these days.It is the worst rule ever as it is certainly not about emitting oxygen but consuming it.We are allowed only a fixed ratio of oxygen.Once our meter shows zero we will be killed!We always have a felling that we will be killed the next minute!
Ridiculous ! Isn't it?! But this is life in the present era .There is nothing that we can do to change this.
Oh, how I wish grandma and grandma's grandma would have thought a little about us and conserved some of the resources for us . But......................
And I hate my ancestors for this.......

So, this is what the scenario will be 60-70 years later.Be prepared to be loathed by your kid's kid's kid's kids.
Iam sure nobody quite like this to happen.Yes.So lets act NOW!Lets make a future!Lets make them feel safe and sound as today.Lets face it.We HAVE to do something , its all in our hand!
Lets get together,form organisations,take radical steps and do every little thing that would help save me,you and the earth.
There are a lot of rules , regulations already.We just need to follow them.Like lets car pool to school or lets switch off the power everyday only for 15 minutes each day or lets spread awareness and many more.We all know these.
But its a common trend today to lampoon the rule followers and conservationist at a school level and consider rule breaking "COOL".This is actually the elephant of an issue.But lets stop this and bend this trend here itself!Lets prove to be the future youth strength and the most concerned citizens of earth.Its not by doing something major everyday, but merely a few minutes .
So, its high time, we devote just two minutes to our mother earth.

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