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March 12, 2013
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$27.2 Billion dollars are being spent on the Environment in the year 2013 - by the United States Government alone. This follows President Obama's $90 billion environmental research binge. However, the largest single grant for research was only worth $2 billion.

Remember the old saying "Jack of all Trades?" Very few people remember the second part of it "But master of none". Why not consolidate the funds to research a few solutions instead of putting the money into every area that requests some? The money could be uesd to research a way to use nuclear fusion, or to find a way to reduce carbon emissions by 50%. If every year's research budget were to be put in one area, then new advances could be made much more often. Apple comes out with new technology because of the amount of R&D money that it puts in ONE place. Research and experiments cannot be done without materials and simulations, and money is necessary.

Stop researching hundreds of solutions, and put the money into one area. That will help get real solutions, instead of getting toxic lightbulbs or hazardous car batteries.

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