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Save the Endangered

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You know that cute little polar bear at the zoo that plays with that little pink ball? Can you imagine its species going extinct? Well, scientists say that if humans don’t try to help, polar bears will be vulnerable to extinction within the next century. It may seem a long time away, but what we humans do now will affect the world for years to come. And it’s not just polar bears. All over the world, animals are going endangered and the already endangered are close to extinction. This is mostly all humans’ fault. We polluted the Earth, wrecking habitats. We cut down forests and take resources that they need to survive. We kill them for fur, meat ivory, to sell them, or just for fun. We trade them illegally. You may just be shooting a lion or whatever to protect yourself, thinking it’s the monster. But it isn’t. Humans are the only monsters on this planet… think about THAT.

Destructive human activities have led to the current rate of extinction, which is at least 100-1000 times higher than the expected natural rate. Scientists aren’t sure exactly how many animals are endangered, but they’ve estimated that there’s more than 2000 endangered species. One of the most rarest large mammal is the Javan rhino. Scientists estimated to there only being 40 left in the world. Poaching, disease, and the very real threat of a tsunami or volcanic eruption could wipe out the entire population in Indonesia’s Ujung Park.

Another rare animal is among the world’s most threatened animal: the giant panda. Living in southwest China, there are only about 2500 left in the world. They’re endangered because of habitat loss for the building of roads and railroads, poaching, and illegal wildlife trade.

There are also the tigers living in Asia. Already three subspecies are extinct with only six remaining. Of those six, there are only 3200 tigers left. They are endangered for the same reasons as the giant panda: habitat loss, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and a new reason, conflict with people.

There are so many species dying, such as elephants from poaching, habitat loss, and conflict with people. There are the manatees who are dying from pollution in the sea. There are the mustangs, I mean, how many mustangs do you think there are? Very few. This is mostly because ranchers capture them and tame them into farm horses because apparently it’s a crime for mustangs to run wild and free. There are the whales, dolphins, great apes like chimpanzees, amur leopards, tree kangaroos, marine turtles, and many, many more.

There are some people in this world that ask, “Why should we care? Why should we do anything at all?” Well… for one thing species and their ecosystems provide essential goods and services that make human life possible and contribute enormously to our health and well being—breathable air, clean water, food, fibers, building materials, medicines, energy, fertile soil, climate regulation, transport, and recreational & spiritual values. Also, think about the story Noah’s Ark. If God didn’t want these animals on Earth, he wouldn’t have made one female and one male of each species go on the ark to survive from the great flood. If you don’t believe in that story then think about how animals were here long before us. Don’t you think that maybe they should be here long after us? We have no right to kill them. It’s not our job to decide what living thing should and shouldn’t be on Earth.

You may be wondering, “What can I do?” Well, there’s this organization called the WWF, or the World Wildlife Fund, whose mission is to use the best conservation science available and work with people to find solutions to save the marvelous array of life on Earth. Since 1961, they have been bringing animals back from the brink of extinction, but their work is FAR from done. You can help them fulfill their mission by donating money on their website, that helps the endangered animals. For example, they have a fundraiser going on now for the Javan rhino to get enough money to relocate them to a much more safer habitat. You could write to the president, Congress, or high-up people to make them make this aware to everyone. You could make this known by telling people and you could put it on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. If people start supporting and helping the endangered, people are going to take notice and join in. If we all try to help, just maybe the Javan rhinos and giant pandas and every other endangered species will be saved.

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