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a letter to the environmental minister

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Dear Environment Minister,
I beg to state that we the trees have been treated very badly. Now a days, my friends and me are in great distress because each day our life is threatened by you humans’ .Mother Nature has given you brains but that does not make you any superior or special from us.My friends from Aravallis were informing me that jungles there have been rooted out to build another jungle but sadly a concrete one . Due to our destruction the rains and the greenhouse effect has become your own enemy. You were proud that you ‘re the ones giving carbon dioxide to us as if you were doing us a favor; but once again you’re contribution turned out to be negligible .Our friends animals; are getting endangered and the the decline in bio diversity is seen You have wiped out our tigers from Sariska like food from a plate .Without us you’ll won’t be able to survive .The earth will be like a desert in which handful of you’ll will live.Where every thing will be like hell and only things with you will the cockroaches . You would be knowing that every action has a equal and opposite reaction .If our race ie . the race of trees will be wiped out ; you and your earthlings will also be perished away .
Its high time that you realize your mistake , the mistake done by you ‘ll from several years .By saving your planet you won’t do us any favor but you all will be saving your planet and your race from getting exctint away like the dodo and dinosaures. In Brazil, a place we were found in abundance -THE AMAZON IE. THE LUNGS OF THE WORLD has become half. So imagine if you won’t have your lungs will you be able to breathe .If you destroy us the whole ecological balance will get disturbed for example food chain and stop the politics and start working for the sake of your race
So , As your guardian i felt it’s my duty to wake you up from the world of fantasy that you’re are living into reality . So, I think my words would have been enough to open your eyes

Thanking You
Trees Association Of The World

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