Living a Life While Going Green

February 14, 2008
By Nikat Patel BRONZE, Milpitas, California
Nikat Patel BRONZE, Milpitas, California
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We all know that we should start thinking about the future? Well…there are many reasons of why we should go green instead of staying without green. Many of the reasons why we should go green are we need to stop global warming, climate change, green house gases, and many other reasons. Our future is what we are doing right now, not what we are going to do in the future. There should be people on this planet that care about our future and how it is going to look like.

Our future is what we do today. We can all feel global warming but can we see it? To that answer you would have to travel to our polar ice caps. The main reason to global warming is because of what many of us use to travel to places where we want to go. We use cars, airplanes, and trains to go to the places where we want to go. Our future is declining because of global warming. We need to think of ways to create ideas of how to save our environment, not destroy it. Some suggestions to stop global warming are, try to walk instead of taking a car, try to limit your car’s use, or get fuel efficient cars that run on great mileage.

We can all feel the rising temperatures in our area, but do you know why this is happening? The cause of this is because of different climate changes are happening around the world. Climate change is not only happening in the United States, it is also happening in Asia, Europe, and all the other continents on this planet. I have a feeling that if we put our minds to stop everything that is ruining us we can gain almost anything. Our climate change has caused danger to many different type of animals that are in the wild or in the ocean. They have been affected because of our luxurious living styles and habituates.

Have you ever thought of where your electricity comes from? Where did it all start? It all started off at a nuclear power plant. In that nuclear power plant we have used coal, gas/oil, and fossil fuel to create energy that you are using today. Those fumes that are coming out of those plants cause global warming or climate change. If we save energy, we can preserve our precious coal, gas/oil, and fossil fuel for the next couple of generations of people to come. We use too much electricity in our daily life. If we just turn off the light when we leave the room it can save energy. We can also buy energy efficient light bulbs that power our houses with light during the night time.

All of our luxury items have caused our Earth to go into global warming and climate change. Our luxury items are cars and electronics that get us through with our day are considered as luxury items. If we can possibly stop one of luxury items, we will be despite. We need to think of our future now and not later. If we do at least one small thing, such as turning off a light when not in use, it can add up and save a lot of money. If we do not stop know, we will have to face harsh conditions in the future. Harsh conditions are no oil to power our cars, no coal to power electricity. We need to save everything for the future. We need to possibly stop global warming and climate change. If you think later is the future, you are wrong, you are living in the future. We need communities to help the Earth save its minerals one step at a time. Communities should think of ways to help the Earth, and save the Earth.

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