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June 16, 2011
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Today our economy is going downhill and more bodies come ashore. But what about the land of which we stand upon? Not the hard wood floors which were molded from hundred year old trees that took decades to grow, but the green land of which our ancestors once stood upon. The world is our oyster, while this may be true, such a saying does not enable our generation to let such a world that once prospered in fertile land and rich soil, burn to the ground. The world which we stand upon today, is not one which may be here tomorrow, with the carelessness and disregard of ourselves alone.
Now is the time that Americans and the people of the world are called upon to unite for one purpose. That purpose is to save the land which out ancestors once stood upon and make sure that it is here for the generations to come.
There is much speculation of the end of the world in 2012, but what is the true reason for such a fate? The people of our world have many reasons, religious or otherwise, but we can come together as one.
Endless possibilities lay ahead of the world that we could have. The world that the generations to come should live in should not only have advanced all the more than we have compared to the times before our own, but become the world that we have envisioned in shows like The Jetsons. So get active and make this world's timeline longer, so long that we shall never be able to see the day that it is no longer here.

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