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Ten Things You Can Do To Make This Earth More Blue

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Earth day is in April, and yet this April has been anything but Earth friendly. On April 3rd, two to three tons of fuel was leaked into the ocean during an oil spill. On Wednesday, April fourteenth, Iceland suffered a monstrous volcanic eruption, which produced vast ash clouds that hung over Europe for a week after. On April 13th, 2010, an earthquake with a 6.9 magnitude struck China. And on a more general scale, there are hundreds of developing countries that lack easy access to water, making routine actions for us like drinking or bathing impossible. In fact, according to a recent New York Times article entitled, “Where a Cell Phone is Still Cutting Edge”, our world’s priorities are so distorted that more people on Earth have access to a cell phone than a clean toilet. It is tragically eye opening to recognize everything we take for granted, but instead of just talking about it, there are something(s) we can do, easy and manageable changes we can make in our everyday lives to take a step in the right direction: (Taken from
Be considerate. It’s one thing to ask you to singlehandedly save the Earth, it’s another to request that you make that extra effort to reach out your hand and turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth; it can save 25 gallons of water a month!
Be aware. As much as I’m sure you love a nice long relaxing shower, it’s extremely wasteful. The average shower wastes two gallons of water every minute you’re in there, basking yourself in fancy gels and shampoos while children all over the world go without a drop of water all day. Try setting your phone timer for ten minutes so that you are at least encouraged to hurry up!
Be dirty. If you wait to wash your clothes and dishes until you can fill the dishwasher and washing machine, you could save up to 1,000 gallons of precious water a month!
Be shoppertunistic! While you’re at Sears browsing for new washers and dryers, don’t just buy the cheapest ones, but those sleek and energy efficient ones that conserve water. Energy star models can save up to 20 gallons per load, and think of how much you’ll save on your water bill! Do you and your planet a favor, only buy smart appliances!
Be a germaphobe! Don’t trust the Dining Hall cups to be cleaned to perfection; all your peers have been drinking out of those! Instead, bring your own water container to school and refill it regularly. This will cut down on loads of dirty dishes, saving water as well as extra labor for the dining hall staff.
Be a handyman! If your house has a leak, don’t just ignore it, grab a wrench and fix it! This simple fix it upper job can save 140 gallons of water a week!
Be tight! Always remember to turn off the faucets completely before leaving the bathroom.
Be lazy! Instead of actively washing pots by running them over tap water, just let them soak in the sink while you watch Lost. (I think it’s the last season!)
Be efficient! Wash your car on the lawn, this way you simultaneously water your grass. Also, try to buy brands such as Seventh Generation that don’t contain as many harmful chemicals.
Be careful. We, as teenagers, were born into a generation that is expected to clean up the mess of those before us; we are unavoidably responsible for the mistakes our parents and grandparents made, simply because we’re young people and therefore, “full of promise.” If we don’t make a deliberate effort to end this crisis while we’re still here, then generations to come will face the same unfair battle we are fighting now.

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