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Bilderberg Group- Global Death Plot

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Jesse Ventura featured the Bilderberg Group on his television show, Conspiracy Theory. The Bilderberg Group is an unauthorized, annual conference. It consists of 120 guests, all who have been invited to attend the conference. The guests consist of highly important western socialites from North America to Europe (European parliament, royalty, largest and most powerful organizations).

Yearly, Bilderberg Group holds a secretive conference—which lasts from 3 to 4 days--in hotels, which is highly monitored. The 120 members distribute into six groups of twenty, and look through each issue in the morning section. They share their different perspectives, and each discuss on a general level. The topic of the conference meanders around wars, oil, and economic downturns. Because of its secrecy, Bilderberg Group has been alleged of infamous world plots of domination.

Some of the Bilderberg Group’s guests are CP chief John Browne, US Senator John Edwards, World Bank president James Wolfensohn, Mrs. Bill Gates, Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Rockefeller, Tim Geithner (current Treasury secretary), Henry Kissinger and Travis, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Clinton’s Lawyer, Tom Daschle, Condalisa Rice, and Price Charles.

Daniel Estulin has been tracking, researching, Bilderberg Group for years. He has taken photos of the people attending the meetings, and has disguised himself as a waiter or a gardener to try to pilfer information. Estulin says, with utter confidence in his facts, that Bilderberg controls everything on the planet. That includes the control of money, food, air, sun, oil prices, oil itself, and who lives and who dies. They have planned the economic crash. They want a one government world. Bilderberg Group is destined to control the necessities of the planet. To prove Bilderberg Group’s power, Estulin matched dates, and stated that the group agreed for the date of the invasion of Iraq. The group has an ambitious plan, which is prevailing subtly well: Global Death Plot. That’s right: they want to reduce the population of the world by the millions, maybe billions. They are poisoning the food we eat with chemicals (other than the farmers’ original chemicals to grow the food more vibrant and large) to target the human immune system. They have given some of the new Swine Flue vaccines (the spray through the nose) enzymes that will weaken your immune system. They want to kill and poison the young, and to make women sterile to prevent future births. I like to call this: The By-Half Plan.

The Bilderberg Group founded its name from a hotel in the Netherlands, Hotel de Bilderberg. The group has been around for centuries; 800 year to be exact, right after the 4th crusade. The motto of the group is “we’re not secret, we’re private.” Which is like saying you’re not mean, but you’re virulent.

Jesse Ventura wants to investigate further on the Bilderberg Group. Estulin then said that in 1996 the group tried to murder him for releasing the plans. Jesse Ventura, are you willing to risk your life for the research of Bilderberg Group? Yes.

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