Service Above Self

March 17, 2018
By , San Gabriel, CA

So many people take our Earth for granted. They throw their trash where ever they find most convenient, but this is not only our home thousands of other species inhabit this planet. Not only has the land been polluted but in the ocean and as well as in the air there are chemicals causing mass extinctions and global warming. Yearly 9 billion tons of trash find their way into the ocean across the globe which collects into humungous piles of trash called the "Plastic Soup". Well, what can we do about it? First, telling as many people you know the effects of littering on our environment. Then you yourself have to take action by picking up pieces of trash laying around. Because even though you might be miles away from the coast drainage systems will eventually carry that piece of "harmless" trash on the ground into the ocean where animals see it and think it is food. You should also try and reduce the amount of waste created by using renewable resources and reusing materials about to be thrown into the trash can for another purpose. For example an old jelly jar could be used for storage. And lastly, RECYCLE. It is as simple as separating your trash into glass, plastic, metal cans, and paper. And by turning these into local recycling center you can even earn some extra money. So now "be the goof in this world" and help save it.

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