Gang rape and assault towards women

April 9, 2013
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Gang rapists are a major problem for women in many parts of the world. As it was recently held in India, and no major actions were taken against them since they were minors it spread to many other countries and states where women cannot be trusted to work away from home. If government pulls back the punishment for rapists anymore the women will never find peace even in their own mother land. Women are being treated as a low class animal in most of the villages by men. They are being stabbed so badly in the streets and gang raped and killed on the spot and some even are tortured and burnt alive in the woods into ashes. It’s very dejected talking about all those ladies and children who are no more in this world to live a long and blissful life. However we can still save the remaining by preventing them from rapists and this prevention needs the support of each and every woman who should fight and battle against their rights and freedom in their land. We should not ignore these kinds of mistakes done by rapists as more we forgive the more we are incautious about our upcoming generation. Women are being tortured to death and lately when we file a complaint against the suspect, they are being proclaimed as minors who are innocent so they will be suffering a punishment of 2 years in jail and then left free but this is wrong so we all should fight against the government to hang them directly so that no more rapes will be occurring in any parts of the world. If one of the rapists dies, the rest has a chance of changing himself into a good human being from his stupidity. No matter what happens to us but we all should educate people about ignorance toward rapists and its consequences so that no more places is given for more victims.

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