Racism a terror for dissimilar people

April 2, 2013
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It is very uneasy to talk about people who suffer because they are less in position, colour or even education. Since we are all humans and have the same red blood we have no rights to dump others regarding their looks or their abilities. Characters of people vary from person to person and it is never possible to compare one person to another but by this process of racism people in high level talk bad and hurt the feelings of normal people, who are less in colour or less educated. Here in most of the cities, schools contain students from various parts of the world. But most students are not willing to go to this kind of school just because of racism. The thing they are afraid of is the other students who might tease them regarding their colour, their father’s occupation or even their personal affairs. As the school belongs to all the students, each and every student has their own rights and no one can stop them from doing anything. Racists are all around but I believe that they can be destroyed and new people can be born primed of them. If it is the students their parents have the rights to teach them how to behave and help others instead of hindering them. The important thing we all should know is that racism has a bad effect mainly on kids as they are immature and think more about silly things especially with friends around them in school, playground and parties as well. Racism has effect on grownups like teens too. As teens are more considered about their looks in every ways like their hairs, lipsticks etc they are the ones who will soon get disturbed by racists. Getting disturbed in the sense not minor disturbance but most of them commits either suicide or crime. This is where the racism affects the life of an individual like they can never gain it back. Since they’ve been hurt a lot they start murdering people who tease them and some who are ashamed of themselves in public starts committing suicide which means killing themselves. Racism is a very big torture for the students as well as the people of the community. People around 77 percent of a country are suffering racism for example America, Australia and India too. Please people understand the meaning of unity and join hand in hand to save each and every life of a citizen. Destroy racists, impede racism and discontinue being racial.

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