Forced marriages a major problem

March 30, 2013
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Forced marriages are spread almost around half of the world. Its implement on bachelors lead to a very big problem whereas adults are not aware of putting it an end. Rarely out of 100 only 35 percent of population follows marriage as a simple fact and not forcing individuals to just get married and live a life in prison. Now marriages have become a stress on each and every individual that they intend to run far away from home just because they can’t put up with this kind of marriages. Marriage in the sense means that two individual becomes one and lives happily throughout their life, sharing their sadness as well as happiness and facing everything equally in life. This is completely ruined by the practise of forced marriages where one or the other individual disagrees and still marries for the sake of parents or families. We can agree that arrange marriages can be done where two individuals are accepted to knowing more about each other and getting married. Apart from these the main gender who gets affected is women as they go through many problemms regarding dowry. The parents who will to marry their daughters to one of the well educated boy, they have to pay a large amount of money so in this case the parents who don’t have enough money force their daughters to marry any of the boys who don’t want dowry at all and this is the time where they don’t care if the daughters agree or not but soon plan for the wedding just to give away their daughters. The poor girls, they suffer to explain their parents and family members and some even suicide like hanging or poisoning themselves. Already before these attacks there was another way of problemms to the community and that was child marriage. Children under 18 used to get wedded to an elder person or even an old man as his second or third wife. This problemm didn’t be a major one as it was stopped under serious circumstances which were really cheerless and unforgettable like for example teen girls were sold for large amount of money in the name of marriage and were tortured and killed by rich men. Once upon a time they were pictured in the newspapers. Now a day’s parents think more about money as money is everything in this world but they don’t realise the meaning of money is the root of all evil. Money kills a person, separates his relation and causes frustration among friends. Money was the check point for child marriage because people wanted more money than their own blooded children. Before forced marriages reach a high level where nobody can stop it, we people should forbid this practise, forget this type of culture and bring happiness in the lives of people. If we people need a peaceful life to live in, we should make others life comfort where they find peace so that neither we nor they find discomfort in this world. Hoping everyone recognizes the concept of this article and its problemmatic results to the community and its children as well.

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