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Helping Special needs children:My community service

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“Hey Rachel, I am going to play kickball with a group of friends during recess. Want to play with us?” I looked at my friend Alice's eyes. As I could see my reflection as if I was looking at the mirror.

“I am sorry Alice but I have things to do.” As my class headed outside, I showed the teacher my pass and went to the office of a reading/speech therapist. I saw him. The boy I stood up for two weeks ago. The boy who was laughed at because he used a walker. The boy who was slower than others. I stood up for him.

With scruffy hair, and thin dangling legs. I see him again. “Hi Nick.” I told him. He gave my a sly smile. I was about to take the biggest challenge in Third grade in 2004. I was allowed to help a Dyslexic boy to read. After three days a week, and three months of constant work. We Taught him how to read. I also helped him to use a pencil correctly. He had problems with social skills so I helped him with that as well. Nick gave most of the praise to me. He said I let him free.

Three years passed until I started to work with Autistic kids. I did many things with them. Before the end of the year, I made them an “End of the year picnic” where I set up games. One was tossing water balloons. After being recognized for doing so in sixth grade. I found my talent. I was meant to work with special needs children. I gave a lot of devotion to those kids.

They could drool on me, pull my hair, and hug me. I don't care. Just as long I have the chance to be with them. After a long summer at the end of Sixth grade, I started Seventh. By October a Young teacher maybe in her early twenties asked if I would like to help her class of eight students after helping one of her students. I nodded.

I had already two years of experience with these kids. So I started to come in every Friday after that. I enjoyed every minute. Time seemed to go by like the wind. I did many things too. I made a Holiday party where all of the students were involved, they would bring food from the holiday they celebrate in December and explain the Holiday to us. As well as their family festivities on that holiday. By the end of the year I made awards for them. When I called out name by name a smile was on their face. Knowing that they were recognized for something special.

I was asked to volunteer at the Special Olympics in the beginning of May. It turns out that my hard work had paid of. For many people working with these kids is hard, and many people are inpatient with them. In the classroom many kids come. But after one or two visits they leave. It seems as if they come there because their friends are there. Not for the kids. But others who come really enjoy it.

As of today I spend three times a week with this class now that I am in eighth grade. They bring me joy and laughter. If I was able to open a box of memories they would cover most of it. They have taught me a lot of things over the time I was with them. These kids have gave me confidence, built up my patience and most of all helped me unlock my talent of working with them.

Not only that. Seeing all the tough things they have to go through made me realize that life is not a very easy thing to go with. Not only for them. But we will always land in an area where it will be tough to escape from. These kids are just light to me. If they can't write I don't mind writing for them. If I need to explain every single question twice. I don't mind either. Some of the kids give me a bad attitude, but I can't scold them. I just get a grip of my self and calm down. And I rarely get that tendency of wanting to fight back.

There are many years ahead of me. I want to grow up being in a field of neurophysiology so I could have a chance to work with every single one of those kids. Many kids don't think I am the greatest person ever. I don't care what they have to say. Because I know that those special need children are calling for help. I am not the one who wants to be the greatest person in the world. I don't care what they have to say. All I know is that I am making a difference in not only the life of those kids.

Also I am helping the community by showing that young adults could also step up. I have had to cope with trouble learning. I overcame it. Yet I never gave up to do so. If you never did community service. After being recognized or seeing a smile knowing you made a difference. You feel good inside. You won't believe how good it feels being with disabled kids as well as adults.

Do me a favor. These kids are the sweetest kids you will ever meet. They are gentle and kind. They could be quiet at first. They will turn out to be a great person. Remember just one more thing before my essay ends. Doing small things that could one day make a big difference. Just remember that. Because I did, and I still do.

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ritthaler27 said...
Apr. 23, 2013 at 11:25 am
this article really spoke to me, i love helping these kids and want to be a sped teacher. :)
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