Bullying Should Be Stopped

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Bullying should be stopped. This issue has been an exceeding problem and its about time to make it stop, either its physical bullying or cyberbullying, it's still bullying. This has been a huge problem among people and putting an end to it will be a relief for the millions of victims of bullying.


Bullying is a huge problem, especially for teenagers. Based on the study of NASP (National Association of School Psychologists)  there are 3.2 million victims of bullying each year worldwide, which tells us that millions of people are suffering and are impacted by bullying every year. Those impacts are them having family problems, trauma, isolation, and depression. These impacts can affect their health and how they think, which creates suicidal thoughts and ideas such as, "Everyone will be better off without me." or "They don't care, so just leave." These impacts are the main reason why bullying is a huge problem for teenagers.


Amanda Todd is one of the 3.2 million people that dealt with this issue before but, it led her to her own death. The bullying started when a guy asked her to flash her topless body to him through face cam. She denied at first but soon agreed on doing it. After a year the same person or another anonymous person sent her the picture causing it to go viral. It didn't end well for her. This is because she had to go to different schools just to avoid people bullying and taunting her. In the end, she committed suicide. Suicide. It's a simple word but it's deadly. According to Bullying Statistics, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people and this results in 4,4000 deaths per year and at least 100 suicide attempts. All these bullying are killing innocent people and it's time for the victims of bullying to stand up against bullies.

To the bullies out there, there is only one word that can describe you, and that word is 'pathetic'. You don't even care about what your victims feel about what you're doing. All those harsh words that you've been throwing at them are affecting how they feel. Their feelings aren't just something you shouldn't care about. Bullying is wrong and has always been wrong. People think that bullying is not a big of an issue and can't be stopped but it can be stopped. We just need to find the courage to stop this problem and fight against it.


In conclusion, bullying is wrong and should be stopped. A lot of victims are struggling and suffering to go through bullying. Would you watch them suffer or help them stand up and fight?

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