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All it takes

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Although many will deny it, we have all found ourselves forming a premature opinion of someone we have never even met. No matter if this person is someone, at your school, someone you work with, or even someone you pass by in a store; you look at people and start to assume things that may or may not be true. In our society today, people who take one look at someone and already have their opinion on this person, are usually referred to as ‘judgers’ when in real that is not the correct word to describe them at all. The dictionary definition of judging is, “to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises.” This definition confirms a completely acceptable, fair way to form an opinion of someone.
The flaw is that people do not actually judge others, they assume things. Usually these assumptions are virtually believable, which is why people are so willing to repeat it before confirming its validity. The increasing rate of bullying and depression in our environment is mainly due to the preconceived notions people come up with about one another. Our world starts exposing us to stereotypes, and false assumptions the day we’re born, “if someone has glasses they must be smart.” “If someone is Asian they must play the violin.” Both of these are examples for your everyday stereotypes.
It may seem harmless to form a slightly biased first opinion, or trust a common stereotype about someone and keep it to yourself; the problem lies in your sharing it with others. It might not appear as a big deal for someone to whisper, “What an ugly hairstyle that girl has! She must be Goth” to their friend, but in reality this is how rumors are started. The friend might assume it won’t hurt to repeat that to someone else, and then it’s passed on again, and so on and so forth. In the process of this comment being spread, it turns from an assumption made by someone with a false impression, to an alleged ‘fact’ or even a more elaborated story.
I believe that all it takes to go from a ‘harmless’ assumption someone might make, to the cause for someone’s depression, or in some cases even suicide, is a handful of people waiting for something to gossip about at lunch. I am disgusted by how ready and eager some are to find faults in one another. Oftentimes people gossip to cover up their personal insecurities, or they might not be fully processing the damage they are causing; however, they are still doing it!
This problem cannot be solved by any one person. It’s a personal choice everyone must make, to stop and think, before they look at someone, and assume things about them. Even though the end results of this disastrous habit are much uglier than the beginning, it all starts somewhere. If the start point is annihilated, then the endpoint will inherently be diminished.

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