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Contradicted Canvas

At first it seems like nothing
Just a phrase, a sentence, some insulting words
But it slowly begins to add up
To the point you’re no longer heard

Self esteem remarkably lower
Void of sadness blooms in your chest
Beginning to despise the person you are
Never truly at your best

At the start you cloak your discomfort
Thinking soon enough its going to pass
Though the fake mask gets harder to wear
When you’re the most hated person in class

Blanketed claims that your friends wont abandon you
That they’ll have your back through thick and thin
But in the end it’s a adolescent contest
And peer popularity always wins

Alone and surrounded by sadness
It becomes unfathomable to cope
You reach a certain point of the bullying
That you completely lose any hope

I don’t need any super powers
I just want people to see the real me
No superhuman abilities
In the end, a true canvas I wish to be

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