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Hurt Inside

I really hate how you can know someone your whole life and not know them at all. You might know what they're going through but you'll never know they're whole story. Their failures, accomplishments, or memories. What they're thinking or how they think. You might pass a stranger in the halls and have no clue what they've gone through. You push them aside to hurry to your next class, oblivious that a smile was the only thing needed to keep them going another day, but yet no one considers you a bully. You might comment on a person's weight during lunch, totally unaware of how much pain and suffering that person has been through to have a body like that. How starved and helpless that person feels. And still, no one calls you out on your comment about her body because its not's the "truth" or "an opinion." During pe, you might notice scars on that weird girl arm when she's changing and convince yourself she cuts herself for attention, completely unknowing of the abuse she receives at home daily. You then start rumors about her because you’re finally thankful people can start talking about someone else instead of you, seeing nothing wrong with what you’ve done. You might hear that snotty girl during science bullying someone and openly hate her for being so mean and rude all the time, careless to even know her or realize she's bitter because of her parents horrible divorce. Still, you think since she's insensitive and awful to others that it gives you the right to say hateful things to her.Think again. People are never what they seem. What we think we might know, we probably have no clue of! We judge too quickly without giving ourselves time to get to truly no one another. Its because we're human. We make mistakes. Our biggest secrets r hid within, usually covered up by something hurtful and ugly. We try to cover up the pain by whatever is accessible to us or usually do nothing at all to prevent our insanity. We hurt each other anonymously by doing absolutely nothing to help. We don't realize how much hurt is around us and how easily it can hide. And remember: the bully isn't the person who starts the fight or hurts others, it's the person who watched it all happen and wasn't able to lend a hand.

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