What could I do?

February 5, 2013
What could I do? I saw my friend on the ground, I knew what had happened. Our peers were always pushing him around and laughing at him. It had always been that way, and he would never do anything about it. I decided that was the moment where I would take my stand.

I came to my friend and helped him get up. Our classmates would not stop laughing at how hard he had hit the ground; I could not understand how they kept laughing at that. It was not funny at all. I turned to them and told them to stop, but they wouldn’t. I told my friend that it was alright and we left.

Several days later, after being criticized for what I had done, the same situation repeated. This time I got really mad and got into a discussion with the kid who pushed my friend. He claimed that my friend had been bothering him, something that was not actually true since my friend had been with me all the time. I threatened him to go to the principal’s office next time he pushed my friend or laughed at him. He actually stopped doing it, and as the time passed he actually became friends with my friend.

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