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The Opened Wound

Wanting to feel alive again
To escape the pain
To release somethings
To see between

See color
Instead of gray
Maybe a bright red
Or a dark blue

I felt release
When the blade cut into me
I saw the beauty of the pain
As the warm blood ran down on me

Stresses I was worried
They were blinded by the blade
For the blade has a reflection
And that reflection was me

Too broken to cry
Too blinded to see
Too hurt to try
And stop doing these things to me

It happened once
No more I swear
Yet when the blood stopped
All that was left was me

Pain came back
Feelings came rushing in
As if the opened wound
Allowed the feelings to come back through

It turned into a small scab
But then a dark-blue bruise
It will be gone soon
Then I will attempt again
To let the open wound
Open and bleed
For I will repeat these things
Because no one will ever listen to me

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