A little boy shoved into a locker. A young girl labeled with an embarrassing nickname that will follow her till her high school graduation. This is what we picture when we think of bullying. These are our sad, discouraged youth but we still hold to the futile ideas that the movies and comics have implanted in our simple minds. That old, destructive phrase, that "what does't kill you makes you stronger", has been carved into us since childhood so that when we see bullying we think it a way to build up character so that poor, unfortunate individual can grow up to BE somebody. A more appropriate phrase would be "what does't kill you just missed one chance out of a million more". Soon enough it will beat you down till your almost nothing, as we the world sit and watch this apparent work of nature.

These children often don't grow up to be great recessed, not to say some don't get lucky. In truth their lucky to become another average joe like the rest of us. The reason being because bullying is not the preamble to greatness we like to think it is. It is a cruel injustice that tortures not just children but even full grown adults. It kills them inside each waking moment of the day and we remain innocent bystanders. No one wants to take it seriously nor feel we should. Even when these children grow in hatred and take their own lives we like to justify it as an almost natural selection. It is contradictory that we kill animals everyday, and look down on them for their instincts, but our own behaviour is similar.

To call this hate crime bullying is too simple. "Bullying" is a sugar coated word to make a heinous crime sound harmless the same way government uses the term "casualties" to describe the many gruesome deaths our soldiers suffer at the hands of war. A better way to describe it, and possibly awake the masses to the seriousness of this crime, is "premeditated manslaughter". When a bully singles out a victim, it is not just teasing, but something about them that they truly despise and wish to see destroyed. They see their own insecurity and perhaps parental prejudices, reflected into their victims and by eliminating everything that they are the problems will disappear into nothing.

Hateful thoughts toward specific people breed future serial killers along with another unfortunate school massacre at the hands of the victims. These so called bullies commit the perfect crime that could be said to equal that of a locked door murder. Taunting and chipping away at the victim's existence until they fill they have no reason to live and hang themselves in despair. Without a law against psychological attacks the bully goes unpunished and in the most heartless situations, congratulated on a hard won victory. People slowly die everyday while we continue to walk down an indifferent road. Awareness must rise and bullying made illegal.

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