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I am one of the lucky ones. I was lightly picked on.

Years ago, I was a small girl who was upset with her weight. My self esteem was low and only sunk deeper once boys’ hurtful comments piled on. The boys teased me and called me a “belly dancer.” As silly as that sounds, it hurt my little self back then.

As time passed, I slowly began to see myself in a better light; naturally, certain time periods were better than others.

Unfortunately, I met others with harsher experiences. A close friend was smashed against a cafeteria table in elementary school. It is terribly sad to think how kids can be so vicious and mean in our society.

In addition to violent physical bullying, verbal and cyber bullying grows more with social networking and advancing technology. Teenagers and ignorant adults casually throw the words, “n*****,” “f----t,” and other derogatory terms behind people’s backs. A few friends endure that often.

This year, as a sophomore, I made a friend with a delightful freshman in my chorus class. I observe him as he occasionally acts overly confident, but when he opens his big heart, I learn how dangerously low his self esteem is. People pick on him to his face and behind his back, but he just keeps on singing. He’s truly admirable, but there are days where a smile must be forced upon him. He longs for someone to make him feel wanted, special.
“Special” is not a mere word, but it is the most beautiful feeling known to man. People desire to be special. Bullying pushes people in the opposite direction. Victims may feel hatred towards society and themselves. Many turn to self harm and suicide.

My new freshman friend spoke the words, “No one ever wins in life,” but life is not a game. People are in pain and in a constant struggle. We are all people; why do we subjugate others? Why aren’t we a family that is there for one another?

Everyone knows how horrible bullying is; yet, people in our society continue. People judge before interaction with each other; people seem to forget that “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

Instead of showing how terrible bullying is, we should open our eyes to a different point of view. We need to show what love and respect can do. I listen to a positive, encouraging radio station, K-LOVE, and the station also shares heartwarming stories of how people have been saved by charity, music, and love. I often cry as I listen to the genuine stories and the emotional, relatable music. It is magic, but it is real.

Love positively change lives, but bullying and negative attitudes ruin so many beautiful lives every day.

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