May 5, 2012
Fifth grade it all started
All the girls plotted against me
Rumors spread, insulting began
That day I want home and cried
My parents told the school
They never did

Eighth grade I put the hurt to bed
I put my best Sunday clothes on
The backyard become my resting place
Rumors stopped, mourning began
The day I took my life
There was no stopping me
My parents became depressed
School board kicked
The bullies out

Reflecting on my grave
I wonder if anything would have been different
Through out the year
The school has days of silence
To honor those who don’t have to voice to speak up
Like me.
Things could be different
If bullying did not

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maya244 said...
May 25, 2012 at 10:31 am
thats sad and yeah... what if bullying didnt exist??? this would be can we stop it??? can there truely be a life without bullying???
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