Writing to Change the World

March 25, 2018
By AsenathRose PLATINUM, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
AsenathRose PLATINUM, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me,"--Shakespeare

I want to write something that's going to shake the world. I want to send it spinning topsy-turvy in the other direction with a crash and a bang. I want to write something that's going to make a crack in the air like lightning as its read. I want to flips the reader's worldview into warp.

I want to shake the ground with ink.  I want to make the simple act of pen to paper wrip our world's flaws to shreds, and bring all to tears.

I can already see it. I hear the rhythm of the keys.   I'm doing  what JK Rowling does, what Tolkien and Dickens did, typing, letter by letter by letter by letter. I hear the rhythm rise and fall with the ocean of inspiration, and I want the world to move with it. I watch as little red-squiggly lines doodle underneath each incorrect word. I'm doing it! I'm doing it! I have done it. It's published.

Why isn't the world-shaking? Why isn't it spinning? Why hasn't Rome fallen? Why don't I have fan mail or at least death threats? Why can't I change the world, no matter how much I type type type along the keys?

I, like you, have the same mind as any famous author, the same hands, and the same amount of hours in the day. Why isn't the world changing because of my writing? Cascading eloquently into organized chaos?

Perhaps I'm not writing big enough- is that it? Have I failed at capturing the effect of war on the world? The bitter taste of loss? The feeling of losing the light?

No, no, no. The problem is I'm not writing what I know.

You can't tackle all of the worlds with a pen. You can tackle bits and pieces and work off the echo. You can work off the shaking ground and hope that it butterfly effects to all the land. You can write about the way your best friend chastises you with your reflection flaming in her eye. How that makes you know she has all the faith in the world in you, her dearest friend. You can spin a reader with the way he smiles at you when you say something stupid, a little bit too widely. But enough that you blush bright red. You can shake the world by how your friend cries when her world falls apart as she's teased for who she is.

You can make waves in the simplest waves. Yes, you. And I can too.

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