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November 14, 2017
By LaurenE.23 GOLD, Nashotah , Wisconsin
LaurenE.23 GOLD, Nashotah , Wisconsin
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Ask me what I would change if I were mayor, is like asking me how to fix our world. Being mayor means changing the county for the better, fixing overall sickness, school budgets, and being the face that people turn to when tragedy strikes. If I were mayor, school budgets in Jefferson County would be the sole purpose of my work.

School budgets are a tremendous issue in our world. Ever since I was a kid, I was told to be thankful for the school I was in. I looked around at programs such as the choir and band program and thought what it would be like without them. Budget cuts to important things such as art classes and music classes for kids have been happening all over the United States. The worst cuts happened in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Wisconsin right after the recession hit. Within my plan as mayor, I would try to bring back music because not only is music exceptional for your soul but it benefits children in an abundance amount of aspects. 

Music has been proven to help with memory and it improves their academic skills. Schools should put the arts on the same playing field as sports. Music has been proven to help in so many beneficial ways, but it is always the first to be cut out of the students daily lives. Why not give the arts the same respect as we do the sports!

Music helps improve students not only in memory but with academic as well. The arts have been known to be linked to math. Understanding music, beat, rhythm, and scales turn into helping students in math. Music wires the brain to remember certain patterns which in turn plays a role in memorizing patterns within mathematics.
Schools are making cuts based off of state funding. The cuts on the state levels forced the local schools to scale back the “less important” things such as the arts. Within those levels of state cuts, I, as your county mayor, can inform representatives about how important these issues are and how they should be dealt with. The number of students increases and with the cuts the teachers have decreased by quite a lot since 2008 when the recession happened.

If I were mayor, school budgets in Jefferson County would be the sole purpose of my work. School budget cuts should not only go after one specific thing such as music. Within schools, if they do need to make cuts, make the cuts based on what is not benefiting the students the most. People can argue that sports bring in a lot of money, but on the other hand, music can set up kids not only an academic standpoint but a memory standpoint as well.

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