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Heart Broken

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Seventh grade year, everyone so nice,innocent and pure until he came into place. I was in Science class, studying then he walked in, the guy that would destroy me. He smiled at me and i smile back we were both so young and just didn't know what to do. He did something so horrible, terrifying I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was his target, he used me. We both liked each other i was head over heals for him it was as if i was under his spell. We got close, and we liked each other so much then he did the worst thing you could think of. He left me, we were'nt dating but it was like we were he left with no goodbye what hurt the most was that he didn't say goodbye it was as if he didn't care he was heartless. He never tried to talk to me, we lost connection. Did i not matter to him anymore? Then after that i was broken hearted. He took everything i was and tore it down, i was so sweet,innocent, and pure and he turned me into a girl who hates everyone who spares no ones feelings. Its been four years since the tremendous heartbreak, and I can still remember our conversations, how he made me feel special now i feel bad. I thought i was over the heartbreak until i saw him last year for the first time in four years..... We were face to face the old me would have walked up to him and gave him a hug, but what i actually did, was walk pass him and kept on walking without looking back he looked back and said my name. I just kept on walking and left he for once saw the new me, the crying girl became the girl who could care less about him. A broken heart may hurt like hell, but it does shape you into the person you need to be to survive this crazy world.

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