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Sea of Society

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I ask you why dear society, oh why have you taken away my friend. She was an innocent only merely trying to play your cruel games and now she has lost her life. She was tested in undeniable ways of mocking and teasing oh couldn’t you just leave her be. Leave her to try and fail without the cost of her life, because now I have lost the only person who society hasn’t taken away.
My friends who are alive and well drift in the sea of nameless faces that are all the same. They have left me here on this lonely island with no one for company. I am lost because I can longer see my friends and my family has yet to find me. Should I try my luck in the sea where so many have lost their lives or should I just wait on this lonely island?
I say tomorrow I shall try my luck but I shall leave rope so don’t drift too far and lose myself somehow. I have seen so many lose themselves for leaving without something that can pull back, if you were to drown or go too far. If not tomorrow I shall leave the day after and if not then, then I shall never leave. If I go I know I won’t come back because I’m already on the edge of following in my friends footsteps. Society has done this to us all.

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