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Dependent Adults

Dependent Adults
“Google it.” This is one of the most frequently said commands when referring to research, studies, or any kind of questions. Humans are overly dependant on technology. One example of this would be that “google” is considered a word according to the Urban Dictionary.
Today, working adults rely on their phones, computers, and e-mail to complete tasks rather than books, libraries, and letters. E-mailing began roughly fifty years ago in a science institute to communicate recent research or to get in touch with other workers. In just the year of 2012, over two and a half billion emails were sent worldwide via the internet.
The internet alone provides us with speed, accurate information, and knowledge of the world around us. But how is the internet effecting the lives of workers today? Over one hundred libraries in the U.S. alone have been shut down because of lack of business. The state provides a certain amount of money for libraries to buy books, but that money is wasted when nobody comes to read them. Most companies have at least half of the entire stock, financial information, and documents on computers and if something were to happen to the files, they would disappear forever. With so much technology at hand, employees barely ever have to go to a library for research. The internet has instant responses and thousands—even millions—of different answers.
The world of technology grows every year with new inventions. These new releases spread to the youngest of kids, too. 9 out of 10 eight-year olds know what an iPhone is. 7 out of 10 will know how to work it.
Phones, computers, printers, internet, television, radio, email, tablets, e-readers, and laptops are some of the many types of technology humans yearn for. The world of technology is advancing, but adults today are overly reliable on their technology and internet resources.

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