Arrowhead Unveils Stadium of Dreams

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The Arrowhead High School football team has a new addition this year that stands taller than any competition they will face. Through private funding, the football program added new seating at Taraska Stadium, and a $2.4 million dollar renovation. Along with the first high school synthetic surface installed in the state, the renovation is topped off with a new press box, coach’s room, sound room and according to Athletic Director Kevin Flegner, six luxury boxes selling for $75,000 over four years.
The luxury boxes have custom seating and refrigerators and heating to enable fans an enjoyable experience while viewing a high school playoff game in the cold weather.
“It's just awesome that we have all those people backing a high school football team,” said Nick Schoenheider, a senior captain of the Arrowhead football team. “It is a sight to see when the community wraps its arms around the team, and unites as one on Friday nights.”
Flegner said that once the football season is over, he hopes to use the facility for other local and statewide events. He said the hope is to bring revenue in that will help pay the final cost of the new construction.
“I have been around high school sports my whole life, and I have never seen such a spectacle as this,” said Mike Patterson, a longtime coach in Omaha, Nebraska.
The school will also continue fundraising efforts, posting the names of donors around the new stadium.
Arrowhead (2-0) has opened the season strong, and looks to build on that success with a huge home game September 17th against Waukesha West.

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