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Social Relationships

At every stereotypical high school, there is the sweet jock, the heartthrob jock, the cool guy with a disability, the dumb blond, the mean girl, the former mean girl, the extra flamboyant choir guy, the talented girl who misses opportunities because of her weight, the suck up girl that no one really likes, the overlooked girl, and then there is you, the most normal person of all. Normal is a vague word, I understand, but to you, you are normal--- the sanest person around. Now there is no way that any of these people make any contact besides name calling and boyfriend stealing, and you are just there to observe it all.

We seem to form these “ideal” social relationships from what we have seen, in other words what we have learned. Shows and movies such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Gossip Girl, High School Musical, Glee, etc. make all these “ideal” stereotypes of how everyone should relate to each other, more unrealistic that we already make them in our head. Do not get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the television show Glee (the songs are amazing!), but the whole setting is unrealistic. We all know that in reality the sweet jock most likely can’t sing, not every mean girl will get pregnant and no one will waste a completely good slushy by throwing it at the “nerds”. In fact, the show is somewhat insulting (yet entertaining) to the current high school students because a good 80% of us don’t act like this. Really, it is nice to know that 50 year olds are confident that all teenagers hate each other and no matter whom you are, if you sing and dance you are a loser by default. So being talented makes you a loser nowadays, we are really moving forward Hollywood!
However, I understand and love that it is for entertainment purposes, because if everyone loved the Glee club, there would be no set backs, making it a show of singing and dancing teenagers (which you would probably still catch me watching). Television shows show that Betty got pregnant but it isn’t Bobby’s baby, and Robert wants to date Gina but Gina likes Bobby, so in the end by surprise, Robert is Betty’s “baby daddy”. (I claim this plot, you hungry directors and writers) Teens look at these lives they see on T.V. and wonder why their life is not like that. Not that they want to get pregnant by Bobby or Robert, but that on TV, the teenagers never worry about schoolwork and never spend their nights at home with family. They are able to go to Glee Club rehearsals for two hours, come home and have a singing date with a hot jock, hate everyone out of their social circle, and still somehow eat, shower, do homework, sleep, and wake up in time to look perfect for school. To further my credibility (wink wink), Cory Monteith, the actor who plays Fin in the show Glee who is the sweet hot guy who can play sports and sing and dance and stay on top of work and manage to not get anyone pregnant, himself didn’t every graduate from high school. He dropped out. Now there is nothing wrong with that and nothing held against him (I’m sure he is a great guy), and although I advise you to stay in school, someone who never even finished high school himself, is showing kids that there is time for everything, and life will always be interesting.
These social relationships as shown on TV are not how life is, and I am here to say, that is ok. It is ok to stay in your sweats on a Friday night, ok to be swamped with school work and have no time during the week for such “exciting” things, and ok to be ok with not having such an eventful life. In high school, you have only had 14-18 years of life out of the average 78 that you will live. So you have lived about 4% of your life---gives you plenty of time to make it more eventful, if that’s what you even want. High school is about social relationships yes, but not the Hollywood kind. Every relationship one has should be good for their life and what is good for ones life might not be for another. At a normal high school there is not the sweet jock, the heartthrob jock, the cool guy with a disability, the dumb blond, the mean girl, the former mean girl or the extra flamboyant choir guy---there is Brandon, and Mary, and Jessica, and you.

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cameronjay said...
Jun. 24, 2010 at 4:59 pm
i agree with u so much! and i love everything u write.
Maddieeeern replied...
Jun. 26, 2010 at 12:55 pm
thank you!!!
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