March 11, 2010
When comparing the country of Haiti pre-earthquake to Haiti post-earthquake, there are some extreme differences. Haiti used to be a country with beautiful mountain sides running along the streets before the destructive earthquake. The earthquake caused the mountains to crumbled and fill the road with huge boulders and rocks. The streets are also now filled with debris from all of the, once standing, colorfully decorated cement house that were destroyed. Before the earthquake, communicating with other people in country, as well as out of country was simple. All you needed to do to talk to someone was dial a person’s number on your cell phone. Now, all of the phone lines being down, it is an extreme challenge to try and get even a bit of service to complete a call. The biggest change that occurred in Haiti is the hearts of the Haitian people. Instead of only looking out for their own interests, like they did pre-earthquake, they are very aware of the struggling people all around them, and they do their best they can to help out. Haiti is a primarily voodoo country, and is actually the voodoo capital of the world. Before the earthquake, many people practiced voodoo religiously and were extremely anti-Christian. After the earthquake however, more and more people started turning to God and becoming Christians. The 8.3 magnitude earthquake that took Haiti by surprise has forever changed the country of Haiti as a whole.

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Mar. 31, 2011 at 1:35 pm
Matthew 24:3,7.
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