Affirmative Action

February 24, 2010
By Derek Devine BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Derek Devine BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a problem that many Americans have been questioning. It gives the disadvantage kids an advantage in getting accepted into schools. Many disadvantage people do not believe in this, but many do. Affirmative action gives the disadvantage a push to get them started in a new life.

51 percent of African Americans graduate and 52 percent of Hispanic graduate high school and only 20 percent of black students and 16 percent of Hispanic are college ready. They where not prepared for college because of the high school they where zoned to. Affirmative action would help them get into a better high school in this case and give them a chance to be successful in their lives. People might not agree with this and say that the kids do not have the capability of being successful in that high school or college. If we do not give the kids a chance to even be successful then how do we even know that they wont? The kids that affirmative action really helps are the ones who parents do drugs. If you don’t have a parental guidance then how are you suppose to succeed in school, and if that kid has a decent grade wouldn’t that show that he or she is capable to conquer most academic problems?

People that disagree with affirmative action believe that the people that it affects use it as a crutch. Well the people that it affects go to a bad school, parents do drugs, in jail, or not their. The kids that are helped by affirmative action aren’t kids that go gang banging, they are the kids that actually work hard or make decent grades. Affirmative action doesn’t give them a huge advantage but some. Its like legacy, legacy is when you have a huge line of ancestors that went to a school and that gives you an extra point. Affirmative action does the same thing but for the minority. Many people say that affirmative action is racism the other way, but when is racism actually ever going to end. The minorities have been bashed so hard throughout the years, so when do they get a chance to regain what they have lost?
In conclusion affirmative action gives a push for the minorities to help them get started into a new educated life. I strongly believe that affirmative action is appropriate for the qualified kid. The minorities need help and we are the only ones that can change their future. If we could change their future why would we pass up the chance.

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