The Negative Impacts of the GDL Requirements

January 22, 2010
By mshaheen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
mshaheen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Finally, the year teens can start working or participate in a school sport. How will teens get to their destination without a car? According to the STANDUP Act, teens aren’t safe on the road and should impose minimum GDL requirements to encourage safety for teens on the road. The effects of this program will only bring negative results.

As a teen, many are at peace at the idea of getting a job or perhaps participating in a school sport. The only problem is they are in need of some sort of transportation. Public transportation isn’t always going to get them to their destination. Restricting licensing to the age 18 and banning nigh-time driving will only make things worse.

I don’t completely disagree with the idea. Eschewing cell phone use until they are given an unrestricted license and restricting the number of underage passengers is reasonable. This will help reduce the distractions that are accountable for many of the crashes per year.

With teens put in danger every year due to driving, action is needed, but to a certain extent. We must not take away their rights, but make them stricter. Hopefully, this idea will impart a better system that will succor the issue.

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