Vocab Quiz 1

January 10, 2010
When you look at Milwaukee, you wouldn’t think that there were a lot of homicides. But in 2007, it was higher then 2006. We see no inane reason for homicides unless people feel threatened by the people that they are killing and the culprits should be stopped before they keep committing them because they think they can get away with it. The person who commits the homicide or bullying is sometimes inexorable because he is not being persuaded or stopped. Why would you let somebody commit this? Do we have any morals or ethics? When you commit a homicide you are obviously flagrant because it is clearly wrong. If you do it in secerey or clandestine you will probably still get caught so the solution is to not do it in the first place. Your secret will come out eventually and you will be in a lot of trouble. If and when this rampant continues it will be widely spread and it will expand to more cities and not just in Milwaukee. The city of Milwaukee should to come together, make this state a better place to live in, and concur this situation.
I feel like people should not commit homicides and I feel they are extremely wrong. If we put all the people we can catch who commit homicides in jail for life then the rate will go down because the killers won't out there and we won't have to worry as much. Many people are threatened by other people so they feel like they have to bully that person so they feel "cooler" then that person. This is not true, people are just mean and want to feel better about themselves so they put other people down. Does that seem right to you? I dont think so.
If nobody else steps up, take a leading role and make a difference for yourself and your kids. If you get threatened or duressed then call the local police ASAP. If you are getting bullied talk to a counselor or parent so the situation can be resolved before it turns into something worse. You should never give admonish to a killer because if they think you aren't telling the truth harm could come to you. Let protect our community.

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