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Top 5 Best and Worst Words

TraceALittlePieceOfHeaven posted this thread...
Sept. 11, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Let's face it. There are words that we all like to say, like boing and brouhaha. Then there are those words that taste sour when they roll off the tongue, like effervescent and vomit. So, I feel it's time to address the best and annhilate the rest. I'll give my Top 5 Best and Worst Words, then I want to see what words you, the reader, think are worthy of being the champions. Let's kick this off.
5-Cohesive-This word sounds exactly like what it means. When you say cohesive, it kind of sticks to the tongue.
4-Vengeance-A good, strong word. When you say vengeance, chances are you're really driving your point home.
3-Strength-This is another word that sounds like what it means. The word strength almost seems to carry the same kind of power that it dolls out.
2-Death-This may come across as an odd and rather morbid choice, but no other word in the english language can stimulate more emotion than the word death. When you hear it, you instantly know something bad has happened.
1-Sense-Why is this my Number 1 Word? Sense is a word that appeals to every major thing about us. There's a reason we have these things called senses. Add to that the fact that it's a word that sounds like what it means, and you've got my personal favorite word of all time.
5-Iniquity-This is a word that carries some emotional baggage, but when you hear it, you probably say, "What?" Iniquity is one of those words that just doesn't flow like it should.
4-Canvas-To be honest, I don't know why this word doesn't flow right. I guess it just doesn't sound like what it is, and when you exaggerate the long A sound at the end of it, it can sound pretty stupid.
3-Moldy-While it does sound like what it is, moldy is one of those words you don't want to hear. It's like grimy, grungey, or sickening. They definitely get the point across, but that doesn't mean they should be used.
2-Ethics-There may be no other word in the english language that has been quite as perversed as ethics. The context in which it is used is, almost all the time, the exact oppostie of what it tries to signify (like the phrase "Business Ethics"). 
1-Reality-Reality, to me, is just a plain, cold word. Nowadays, reality is used, most of the time, in a harsh manner. If someone tells you you're gonna have to face reality, you know that some dream you had probably just died inside you.
Now, I want wht YOU think are the greatest and most horrific words imaginable. 

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