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my math final 2013

murphthesmurph16 posted this thread...
Jun. 13, 2013 at 2:27 pm

hi everyone i just had a question about my math final this year that i took a week or two ago.
well, i failed it by just two points. the reason i failed was because i didnt go to the review classes. the only reason i didnt go to them was because first of all i didnt know they had review classes and then when i found out they had them i just felt to lazy. and i know that wasnt the right thing to do but i just figured i would do well anyway. and obviously i didnt.
does anyone have any studying ideas and how to not fail and do well for next year?
please reply as soon as possible if so.

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love2volleyball replied...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Heyy(: so that kind of sounds like what I went through at one point. My best advice would be to of coarse next time go to those classes hehe and umm what I would do is everyday after school review what the lesson practiced it a tonnnn and then make sure you are taking at least 3 hours in the week to study... Of coarse more if there is a test and way more if there is a final... I also learned from a study skills class (if I remember correctly) that when you study make sure and space out the time by like half an hour or hours and take breaks or u will be taking in to much and not remembering what you study(: obviously though if you can study all in one session for hours and it helps/works for you go ahead and do that... So yeah I hope I helped!!!!! :3 remember to stay on top of things and NOT GET LAZY!!! Even though you are going to want to soo bad think of your future and career and how doing good could potentially really help you in the long run!:D

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