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BuLLYING!! I need your help

guardianofthestars posted this thread...
Apr. 4, 2013 at 2:32 pm

I am writing an arguement/ Reasearch paper about human nature.  I have chosen to talk about bullying. I am covering different areas of it and mostly focusing on these questions:
1.) why do bullys bully
2.) why do people allow themslves to be bully
3.) why do we allow our selves to be bullied. 
I am also trying to cover this subject from the veiw point of Cyber Bullying rather than other types of bullying and how it is super dangerous (I think Amanda Todd is a very sad but a good example of this).
I would really like to hear your opion on these questions to help me be able to cover all opinions over this subject besides just my own.
Thank you for your time. 

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Apr. 14, 2013 at 11:01 am

Well I've never been cyber bullied (that I can remember), but I have been bullied in regular life. I was in like fifth grade and the only reason I put up with it was because I didn't want to lose my friends since I had a really hard time making friends and the ones I had had been my friends since about second grade and I didn't want to lose them. Unfortunately for me, they were the ones bullying me! Then another time was in sixth grade with a guy I grew to hate. I put up with that because I thought if I ignored him he would go away, but he didn't. Well, that class lasted for only one quarter anyway. That's my compacted story!
Also I can say that in fifth grade I bullied my friend once too because the friend who was manipulating the second friend began to be friendly to me and manipulate me and I didn't want to lose her as my friend, so I bullied the other girl with her for the same reason that I allowed myself to be bullied.

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