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FieryAngel posted this thread...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 10:18 am

well hello everyone it is tht time again MOVING TIME (sigh) i hate it im a freshman and have been to 17 schools.... and two of them have been high schools..... Friday is my last day at Mayfield Hi School next week i will start at Mayfields biggest rival.... we havent even startd packin yet well my room is completely packed (sigh) i was told tht Mayfield would be my last school now im  being told tht Graces County Hi School will be my last..... the sucky part is i just got a really great boyfriend, i have the highest English grade in the whole freshman class and i love all of my classes well other than science yuck and i make really good grades but i will smile and say "oh i just love the house" which i actually do.... after school i am gonna bury my head in a pillow and scream cuz im leaving again.... the only cool part is my going-away party tht me and my sister/bff Mary yesterday... we baked cupcakes ate popcorn had a somewhat serious girl-talk and had a frosting fight... it was absolutely perfect.... I suggest tht if u move gather up ur closest friends and do somethin similar to wht me & Mary did yesterday... yall will have really great memories to share over the coming years.... and try to never lose contact w/ur besties and (if ur lik me) ur sisters.... cuz if u dont lose contact ur friendship will grow 2 wher yall will be tighter than ever before trust me i know..... sorry i needed to rant and if yall need to rant abt moving wether its to a new house school or state just start repling and i will help u thru it cuz i have done to all 3

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