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strange friendship stuff idk

bad-wolf posted this thread...
May 20, 2013 at 5:18 pm

No one really needs to reply to this or read this, just needed to get out what I've been thinking about.
There is a girl at my school who was probably one of the first people to talk to me on my first day at this school, which was the beginning of the school year. So I'm still a newbie.
See, we are-were I guess- friends, as far as I thought, but I began to notice issues. She never let me talk about myself; things I've done/was going to do, my family, feelings, belongings, etc. But she talked to me about these things, in full detail. That wasn't fun, at all.
She always put me down, when I offered up opinions or asked questions, making me feel like I was dumb and had no right to be talking. Even more dumb when she talked to me about the special advanced classes she was in that I wasn't. I won't even go into that.
She was constantly mentioning her friends, bringing up how great they are and how much she loves them. Trust me, I know how she treats and acts around her best friends; she doesn't act like that with me.
And I never felt comfortable around her, really. I always felt like I was annoying her and she didn't really want me there.
Believe me, I tried my best to be a good friend. I always treat my friends how I think people should treat me (golden rule blah blah) and always let people vent to me or tell me all about things they did or bought and even ask questions to show my interest and stuff like that.
Long story short(ish), I have tried to hang out with her less, and just stay away as much as I can because I know it's a sort of toxic friendship. I can't really break off a friendship that was never there to begin with. She's not making any move to stop me.
I just feel-used? I guess? Somehow not worthy of her attention? But I don't have anyone else to go to, which is the main problem. I've not really ever had many friends at this school, and everyone is in groups, meaning that no matter what group I go to, I'm excluded because I'm clueless how to contribute to their conversations most of the time.
So I'm alone now. And I'm not really sure what to do. Because high school is next year and I'm pretty sure everything is just going to get worse.
Sorry about the rant! Feel free to ignore this and go back to your life.

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Momo. replied...
May 21, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Ok I know you said that we didn't have to say anything but i feel like i have to.
I can copletely relate to the used feeling. I was in a situation very simular years ago. I am sorry that you were friends with somebody who made you feel like that. absolutly nobody deserves that. I hope that you make a new friend who will treat you with respect.

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Quantum1.0 replied...
May 21, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Also, at least for me, high school was an instant change to much, much better. Not to say people still don't do stupid things, but at least they're (usually) nicer to eachother as people are more comfortable in themselves at that point. I don't know, but the summer between 8th and 9th grade worked miracles on some people.

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zombieslayer22 replied...
May 22, 2013 at 4:09 pm

dont worry im sure it will get better and you dont need her same happened to me begginging of last year i was new and nobody talked to me much it was if i was a alien lol until i met a guy he was a jerk he treated me like crap wasnt a good friend so i was just a loner until one day i met a group who accpeted me

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IAmLegend replied...
May 25, 2013 at 2:14 pm

hoestly,  I think you shouldn't talk to her any more or confront her about it ask her why. but maybe she is having a hard time and needs some one to spill her feelings out but idk thats what i think

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