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Harry Potter Wand Quiz!!!

AmayaEcho posted this thread...
Dec. 16, 2012 at 8:14 am

First off, yes, I know this quiz is a bit long; however, your wand has to be narrowed down from 40 wand woods and 5 wand cores.  That being said, it's extremely accurate!  Simply answer all of the questions-- all except the last are simple yes or no answers-- and I will post your results!  For some questions, you may have to 'suspend belief' and pretend that you are actually a witch or wizard to choose your preferences.
1. Would you consider yourself a 'great' witch or wizard?
2. Is non-verbal spell work very important to you?
3. Is it important for you to have an immensely powerful wand?
4. Are you ambitious?
5. Are you interested in a rare wand?
6. Are you well-loved?
7. Are you charming?
8. Are you interested in an immensely loyal wand?
9. Are you stubborn or determined?
10. Are you arrogant?
11. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for charm work?
12. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for dueling?
13. Are you strong-minded?
14. Are you wise and understanding?
15. Do you have good instincts and intuition?
16. Do you have a history of overcoming hardship?
17. Do you practice good self-control?
18. Are you fond of luxury and material items?
19. Do you have a great sense of justice?
20. Are you strong and courageous?
21. Are you bold?
22. Are you self-sacrificing?
23. Are you mischievous?
24. Are you playful?
25. Do you believe in the phrase 'Be yourself'?
26. Do you uphold strong principles or moral values?
27. Do you believe you have a special destiny?
28. Are you faithful and trustworthy?
29. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for transfiguration?
30. Are you talented?
31. Do you have a complex or intriguing personality?
32. Are you good with managing your feelings?
33. Do you have a hot temper?
34. Do you have a single, pure passion?
35. Are you insecure?
36. Do you have any hidden talents?
37. Are you lazy?
38. Do you like nature?
39. Are you curious or adventurous?
40. Are you weak in terms of your physical health?
41. Do you have a loose grip?
42. Are you warm-hearted?
43. Are you generous?
44. Are you popular?
45. Are you well-respected?
46. Do you have any interest at all in Dark magic?
47. Are you independent?
48. Are you often perceived as a loner?
49. Are you honest?
50. Do you have any interest in creating spells?
51. Do you usually make the right choices?
52. Are you lucky?
53. Are you physically attractive?
54. Do you care more about the outside of a person than the inside?
55. Do you daydream often?
56. Are you a Seer or related to a Seer?
57. Are you skilled in Legilimency?
58. Are you firm?
59. Do you have a firm grip?
60. Are you highly intelligent?
61. Do you have great potential?
62. Have you ever seen death?
63. Are you afraid of death or anyone dying?
64. Are you related to veela?
65. Would you consider yourself very ordinary?
66. How tall are you (measurement, not yes or no)?

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