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NextGen replied...
Jun. 7, 2014 at 11:30 pm

"Hey..." Samael sighed and rubbed circles absently into Lucas's back. "Just don't think about it, okay? Dwelling on something painful will only make it worse. It'll become a monster." And he already had enough of those for now, thank you. Now Juliet was basically gone; what if they actually got out of here? Without Juliet or Derek, they had nowhere to go... And to think - just this morning, he'd been so scared to meet Derek. Now Derek didn't seem so bad.
He sighed, looking away at the floor somewhere but not actually seeing it. "How can I not? They're everywhere." And it was scary. All the shadows of the room - cast by the wardrobes or the beds - moved, twitched about with life. It was crazy, and yet apparently, this wasn't a dream. "I feel like a mentally unstable person. Are you sure this isn't an asylum?"
Ryan's brow furrowed gently. Maybe he shouldn't have brought that up... No wonder everyone thought he was an idiot. Louis must have been a real masochist, staying with him all the time and putting up with this. "I... But..."
What was he supposed to say to that? "You like my eyes, but they're a mutation too," he amended in a soft voice, glancing over to Louis. "And my mouth is hardly perfect, Louis." He easily crawled over closer, pushing Louis's legs down so he could straddle his lap. Ryan always loved sitting in Louis's lap, and this time was no different as he leaned forward to bite Louis's jawline twice. "I really don't see the problem, buddy. You're mutated, I'm mutated, we're all mutated... Circle of life. Or something else that sounds just as inspiring." 

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 7, 2014 at 11:41 pm

Sam was smart. And it was a good thing he was, because he was not only smart, but right. Dwelling on the past would not make anything better...Still, it hurt, and unbidden, tears stung behind his eyes. Hastily, he burrowed his face back against Samael's chest, against his ridiculously tight shirt...
"No." Lucas found it in himself to smile, glancing up at him with watery eyes, and an equally watery smile. "If this was an asylum, I wouldn't be with you. You're my sanity." He softly explained, craning his neck to kiss Samael deeply, which in itself, was pretty crazy, since Lucas hardly ever took control. But maybe...maybe he should here...
Louis blinked, a gentle blush painting his cheeks. Ryan wasn't the one who usually got close; it was making Louis feel all kinds of...things. Things that got his heart racing, his stomach squemish. Was he really so oblivious on the effect he had on him? Shivers of delight rippled across his skin at Ryan's playful bites, and Louis bowed his head down to graze his teeth along his collarbone. 
"There you go again, making me laugh." He chuckled, a surprised puff of air. Louis slowly brought his head up, his purple gaze level with his red eyes. Firmly, his hands found Ryan's slim hips, holding him against his body, making him stay. "I just..."Louis sighed, his face twitching in frustration."I don't know. I don't want to scare you or anythng." Hesitantly, he leaned forward, his tongue flicking out, forked in nature like a snake, before he quickly put it back in, his purple eyes wide with reluctance. "That's all." Louis whispered, frowning. 

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 12:14 am

Despite Lucas's teary eyes and heartbreaking smile, Samael had to love this kiss. It wasn't often that Lucas took control like this, but when he did, some kind of crazy magic happened and Samael felt like he was floating. Floating and flying and drowning and thawing all at the same time; it was an awesome feeling.
He leaned back on the bed, holding onto Lucas by those thin hips of his, never breaking the kiss. He missed this. It hadn't even been that long since they'd kissed like this, and yet it felt like it had been forever. Ages. "I love your kisses," Samael whispered, even though it was probably pretty obvious by his reaction. "And I love you. In case you forgot."
Ryan had to bite his lip to keep from making any funny noises as Louis dragged his teeth over his skin. It was ridiculous, the way Louis could make him feel with just one little gesture like that. Exciting, even. He wished he could do the same for Louis - make him feel like he was melting like this. Feel the butterflies in his stomach, the goosebumps and the shivers down his spine.
"Louis." Gently, Ryan carded his fingers through Louis's hair, pulling him closer. "If I found you - any part of you - scary, do you really think we'd be friends?" he asked with a soft smile, watching those violet eyes intently. Those eyes... they could probably make him do anything. He leaned closer, eyes half-lidded and their lips just barely touching. "Just this once. And I'll never make you do it again, if you don't want to. Pinky swear."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 12:25 am

The words sent a shiver down his spine. Lucas never thought that they would lose it's feel--those three simple, one syllable words, leaving Sam's mouth into his lips. His fingerd danced up the flat planes of his his stomach, feeling the hars muscles, memorizing the way Samael moved altogether.
"How could I forget that?" Lucas breathed, his voice hitched and ragged, even to his own ears. He couldn't help it; with everything going on, Sam's mouth on his cleared everything. It soothed the hole that was already beginning to form in his chest, knowing that he would never see Derek again. It just made everything incrediblymore bearable, and he leaned up to press his lips harder against Sam's own, putting all of his fear and sorrow into the tilt of his lips, the trace of his tongue on Samael's oh so soft lips--
A short, abrupt knock caused Lucas to react as he had been shocked, jerking back away from Samael with a high flush in his cheeks, the pupils in his green eyes so dialated, they left a thin ring of emerald.
"I have your clothes." Nella belled, opening the door, before promptly dropping them, and covering her eyes. "Oh dear."
Louis tried to supress a shudder; his fingers were curled tightly around his shirt, pulling him closer, his breath quick and uneven. Only Ryan could make him feel so...so flustered, as if he wasn't in control. He both craved it, yet rejected it, an attack of conflicting emotions. 
"Ry..."He half moaned, half whispered, before his lids fluttered and he let his mouth curl over Ryan's lips. Louis had never been so direct with kisses, but now, he let his tongue freely explore the shape of Ryan's mouth, his hands still holding him tightly against his chest, and he felt his heart speed off, losing himself to Ryan's touch.

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 12:51 am

It took all he had for Samael to refrain from moaning into Lucas's mouth. He was pretty sure that if he did, it would be somewhat obnoxious; despite the intensity of the kiss, the room was ultimately quite, peaceful, and he didn't want to disturb that.
And then Nella walked in, and Lucas pulled away, and Sam was left there staring at the ceiling and panting to try and catch his breath. Was he the only one not embarrassed by what was going on? He propped himself up on his elbows, raising a brow at Nella, who had just spilled their clothing all over the floor, and Lucas, who looked like a deer in headlights. "Uh... Thanks, Nella," he said, breaking the awkward silence hanging throughout the room before clearing his throat breathlessly.
It was an odd feeling, having one's tongue in another's mouth. Ryan had never experienced this kind of thing before, and for once, he was glad his curiosity had gotten the best of him. Really. Because this, right now, had to be the greatest feeling in the world. He was beyond melting now; nothing else in the world seemed to exist except him and Louis, making out in the hallway.
A soft noise of appreciation and pure lust escaped the back of his throat. Cautiously, curiously, Ryan slipped his own tongue along Louis's, into his mouth, while his hands desperately pulled Louis closer. He moaned again quietly and then blushed; why did he have to be such a vocal person? Couldn't he ever shut up? But after a second or two, he couldn't bring himself to care.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 1:07 am

[ Lol I love how both make-out sessions are so going on, yet each one is so different and unique :) ]
"I suppose I should not be surprised." Nella replied back, offering a bemused smile towards the both of them. Efficiently, she leaned down, picking up the clothes, and tossing them over towards the boys, where they fluttered on them. Lucas's face was still flushed, and he spluttered as he glanced at the clothes.
"Uh...we just uh..."Lucas was dreadful at things like this. Even more so as his accent leaked out, and he gave a smile over towards Sam, flustered, but accepting. He didn't mind getting caught. It was just something that...well, surprised him.
"Do not bothering in apologizing, Lucas." Nella waved off his assumed apologies with a flick of a green hand. "Get dressed, and in about a half an hour, I will retrieve you for dinner. Kiss all you want, for all I care." Nella shrugged, before she left again, where Lucas promptly giggled, easily untangling himself as he stared at the clothes. Casual jeans, with a simple black t-shirt. He noticed that Samael was given the same articles of clothing. They would be matching! He beamed, despite himself. 
Louis couldn't stop the erratic beating of his heart, and he leaned forward, pressing harder, silent, but longing in every line of his mouth, every flutter of his eyes--
Abruptly, he pulled away, feverish as he stared at Ryan. Mildly horrified with himself, Louis took in a shuddering breath, leaning his head down against the crook of Ryan's collarbone, silence weighing down on him as he felt himself try to catch his breath.
"Ryan," Louis's voice caught, and he pulled away to stare at him, his purple eyes pleading. "I can't do this. Not right now. In the middle of the hallway. I just--" He sounded as if he was choking, his face vulenrable and young and not the regular hard armor of Louis himself. "Can't."

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 7:26 pm

[I know , I love it ^^ Lol And Lucas has to be the cutest kid ever - "Matching!"]
"Half an hour? That's all you're giving us?" That didn't seem like very long at all in Samael's mind. Maybe he was being a little greedy - though it was hard, seeing as this was alone time with Lucas, and time went by awfully fast like that - but still.
Shaking his head, he sat up and chuckled at Lucas's overjoyed expression. Silly kid. "What are you so happy about?" He nearly ripped Ryan's stupidly tight shirt while shrugging it off, sighing contently now that he no longer had to feel so confined. This new shirt was infinitely more comfortable, and more his style anyway. Simple. Dark. Perfect. "Oh. Look, we match..."
Ryan wasn't sure what to say. Did Louis really think the kiss was that bad? Or was there something deeper going on here that he just couldn't see? He swallowed hard, and his eyes seemed a dimmer shade of red as they flickered down and away, cast somewhere on the floor. Louis just looked so upset...
Swiftly, he stood up, and held out his uninjured hand for Louis to take and pull himself up. "Come on. Let's go demolish some dummies, hm? Make you feel better?" Other than that, Ryan really didn't know what else to do at the moment. And he had a feeling Louis didn't want to talk about whatever was making him so unhappy. "Then we'll go to dinner, and then we'll go prank somebody."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 8, 2014 at 9:29 pm

[ Thank you haha he's a little kid at heart, really xD ]
"Yes, we do!" Lucas practically squealed, finding some crazy amount of happiness over this fact as he watched Samael change. There was a certain fascination, when it came to watching people change. Or at least, with Sam there was. His arms rolled back, his ripple of muscles contracting on the wings of his shoulder blades, the "v" lines of his stomach. It was enough to make Lucas squirm, wishing with all his might for a sketchbook or something to just capture the beauty of the simple action. He flushed, realizing that he had been staring, and realizing something else...
"You didn't put on Ryan's underwear, did you?" He asked in a mutter, glancing down as he wiggled out of his own shirt. He made it as quick as possible, feeling impossibly scrawny next to someone like Samael. Lucas was just small, and he was acutely aware of this as the shirt came to settle on his thin collarbones, petite built torso. How could Samael fall in love with him Lucas would never be able to understand. "Because I will look away." He added with a nod so serious, it was comical, especially as he turned around, easily slipping out of Ryan's oversized jeans. His boxer shorts had also been embarrasingly large, and Lucas quickly gripped on to them before they fell off, seeming to realize the problem he had just created for himself.
"I...uh..."His face was flaming red as he carefully turned around, offering a flustered smile as he grabbed the jeans--his size, he noticed thankfully--with his free hand, the other firmly holding the boxers in place. Didn't Nella give him some that fit...? To his mild horror, he found some small white boy shorts that would fit his frame, only making his cheeks flame even more."Bathrooom..."Lucas muttered, leaning down to grab the underwear. Ryan's own boxers shorts fell to his knobbly knees (his real one, and new fake one with the leg he was provided with) and he hastily ducked into the bathroom before he could further humiliate himself even further. Why did he have to have the s.ex appeal of a penguin? Just why?
Louis felt the weight in his chest lessen considerably, and at Ryan's offer, his face became more relaxed, not so pinched. He took in a sigh of relief, pulling himself up with Ryan's outstretched hand, giving him a chaste press of his lips onto his. His meager offering of gratitude.
"Later," Louis promised, his voice still hitched and uneven, his pulse slowing down to resemble a gentle rhythm rather than a hummingbird trapped under his skin. "But for now," His purple eyes twinkled, like the sunset streaks. "Demolishing dummies sounds perfect." He gave Ryan's fingers a gentle squeeze.

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 9, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Throughout the entire ordeal, Samael was simply staring, sitting there on the bed. No, hadn't used Ryan's underwear (he really didn't trust that guy), but before he could even say any of that, Lucas was blushing a crazy shade of red because he had used Ryan's boxers, which were now... falling... off...
He blinked a few times, immediately averting his eyes, though there was a wide smirk stretched across his face; he'd never hear the end of it, he was positive, if he ended up looking at Lucas's floundering and embarrassment. Plus, he was pretty sure he was blushing a faint pink himself. That didn't need to be seen.
By the time Lucas was in the bathroom, however, Samael was in a fit of snickers and giggles that landed him on his back on the bed once again, and it was proving difficult to take his pants off while laughing like this. He found the boxers Nella had given him - man, these things looked kinda tight... - and he pulled them on, but then he was laughing even more and he had to stop moving to just giggle into a pillow. "I'm pretty sure that was the most adorable thing I've ever seen."
Louis's smile was beautiful thing, Ryan thought, and he was glad he seemed to be the only one to make it happen. It was like some special power all in it's own; one he was actually proud of. Those eyes were a curious thing as well, making Ryan feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Louis's eyes never lit up like that for anyone else.
"You know, now that I think of it, we haven't sparred in a long while," Louis murmured thoughtfully, swinging their joined hands back and forth gently between them. "I mean, I've been out of commission for a while..." He cleared his throat, not wanting to dwell on that longer than necessary. "But y'know. So, um, if you wanted to... If it would make you feel better..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 9, 2014 at 8:27 pm

"Right," Lucas's voice was muffled behind the wooden door before he walked out, looking considerably more comfortable at being in clothes that actually fit him. He pointed a menacing finger at him, tough it didn't look that menacing because he was also smiling. "Adorable. Cute. Why can't I ever be described as hot or se.xy? Even sultry would work!" He complained, throwing his hands up in the air, his lips puckering in a pout as he went over and snuggled in Sam's lap dejectedly.
"Maybe I'm cursed. Cursed to look like some twelve year old forever." Lucas mumbled, snuggling deeper into Sam's chest, crossing his arms like a small child. "I hope you don't mind that, by the way." He added, glancing up at him with those impossibly green eyes of his. 
"You could just watch me throw daggers." Louis offered, casting a curious glance over towards Ryan. He knew how the boy felt about...combat. Just violence in general, really. And the last thing he wanted to do was make this boy, this incredible boy, feel anything less than comfortable. It seemed like it would have been an injustice, to cause someone as pure and wonderful as Ryan any sort of discomfort.
"I have been told I look exceptionally good-looking--more than my usual good-lookingness--when throwing knives at targets." Louis informed in a teasing tone, wiggling his brows as he gave Ryan's fingers a soft squeeze. 

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 10, 2014 at 2:46 pm

"Oh my word," Samael muttered, rolling his eyes. "You're only what, fifteen? You're still gonna grow, Lucas." Growth spurts happened. They existed, whether Lucas thought so or not.
Just like those shadowy things all over the walls...
But he quickly yanked his attention back to Lucas, snuggled in his lap (his rather bare lap, now that he thought about it) with that adorable pout of his. In the back of his mind, fleeting in thought, he wondered how much time they had left till Nella would come get them for dinner. "Look." He sighed, pressing a soft kiss to Lucas's soft lips and pulling away with a smirk. "Nella will be here any minute, and I'm only in my boxers. We don't need her dropping stuff everywhere again, do we?"
"Well, you are good-looking..." Ryan agreed thoughtfully, pursing his lips. He really hated fighting. Even if it was only some light sparring with Louis, that kind of stuff was never his forte, and he didn't particularly enjoy injuring people anyway. Still... Would it make Louis feel better?
"I just..." He trailed off absentmindedly. "Um." Shaking his head, he tried to at least focus; he didn't feel like looking stupid today, thanks. "I... I don't like to fight, but... with you, it's different. I know you won't hurt me. You get so many chances to just take me off-guard or something, but you don't. So it's okay, if you want to. I mean. Knives are nice too. I don't know..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 10, 2014 at 3:50 pm

"Sixteen. I'm sixteen." Lucas corrected dejectedly, though his green eyes were sparkling. Truthfully, all this banter was just him trying to distract himself from the thought that he would never see Derek again. Later tonight, he suspected that he would cry himself to sleep, snugged into the chest of Samael. Together, they could mourn. 
"You're right." Lucas admitted with a dramatic sigh, flinging himself upwards as he opened the door to the bathroom, before pausing, an impish smile on his face. "Unless you want to continue getting dressed right here, right now. I won't mind." He admitted, unabashed, even if his cheeks got pink. "Watching you change is like, every artist's dream, you know." Lucas added matter-of-factly. 
Louis felt his heart flutter at Ryan's words; somehow, having him acknowledge his looks made him feel all fuzzy and warm inside. He watched as he struggled to form his words, guiding him along the hallway, smirking as he trailed off.
"You're so cute, when you get distracted." Louis murmured, smiling as he pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. He decided that they should take the stairs; more time with Ryan that way. "And I would never hurt you." He added, his purple eyes widening fractionally as they began their descent. It would take three flights of stairs."Whatever you want, since you're already letting me train, even if you would rather make out with my crazy tongue."

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 10, 2014 at 4:49 pm

Samael blinked at this sudden development. "You're sixteen?" he repeated dubiously. "Like, for real?" Never would have guessed... Lucas just seemed to young and happy and carefree to the point that it was child-like. Samael almost couldn't wrap his mind around it. How odd.
"Do I honestly look like I care whether or not you watch me change?" he deadpanned, already getting up and stretching; today was a very long, weird day. "I already have underwear on, Lucas. It's not like I'm stripping for you." Quite the opposite, actually. He yanked on his jeans with all the grace one could have while yanking on pants, and it was obvious on his face that he was exhausted from the day and from his sleeping issues altogether. Still, he smirked at Lucas and shrugged on the plain black shirt tantalisingly slow, just for him.
Ryan blushed and pouted, probably looking like a child but not caring. He wasn't trying to be cute! He was honestly just so easily distracted... Still, a compliment was a compliment, and he huffed in embarrassment.
"Hey, I have good reason to want to make out with your crazy tongue," he argued matter-of-factly as a smile lit up his features. "It's very nice. You should clone yourself and try it sometime." He shivered; nice was sort of an understatement, in his opinion. "But, y'know, being the martyr that I am, I suppose I could let you train instead..." He sighed dramatically, but grinned and held out his arms. "Starting now. Carry me up these hundreds of flights of stairs?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 10, 2014 at 5:58 pm

It took a while for Lucas to respond. Mostly because Samael had taken a really long time to put on his shirt, which he probably did on purpose. It left Lucas feeling very flustered. So much, that he was blushing, and had to open his mouth and then close it several times before he found his words.
"You look se.xy." Lucas's first words were, smiling as he got up, linking his fingers into the belt loops of his jeans, pulling him closer. "I think I would rather watch you get dressed, since you do it so well." He added solemnly with a nod, pausing. Lucas stared at him speculatively, raising a brow. "I know this is a stupid question but, are you alright?" Samael seemed to not be telling him something, and Lucas assumed it was either shadows, or just the masking of his own pain. Afterall, he didn't just lose Derek; Samael lost Juliet as well. 
"I don't think cloning myself just to make out with myself is a qualified reason for Ajax." Louis replied back with a a faint scowl, giving Ryan's hands another soft sqeeze. They were just so...squeezable. He blinked at Ryan's request, stopping in surprise. And that was saying something; Louis was hardly ever surprised, though with Ryan, a smile crawled along his face.
"Of coarse." He replied, easily flipping Ryan up in his arms, as if he were his bride. "I'd carry you anywhere." Louis added ina mumur, brushing his lips against his forehead before proceeding up the stairs. 

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 12, 2014 at 4:19 pm

"Well I don't know about 's.exy'..." Samael's smirk was a tired one, and he quietly sighed into Lucas's soft hair, holding him loosely. No, he wasn't s.exy. He was just... Sam. Sam, with a cute little boyfriend. Sam with blue eyes and black hair. Just Sam.
He cleared his throat delicately, trying to think of a reply. If he said he was fine, Lucas wouldn't believe him. But if he said something was wrong, Lucas would want to talk about it; that wasn't something Samael was ready for. Not just yet. "I'm just tired." It wasn't a total lie, but it wasn't total truth either; maybe middle ground would be enough for Lucas, at least for now. They could always talk later.
"Pfft. It's a qualified reason for me," Ryan muttered with a roll of his dark red eyes. He giggled wildly as Louis quickly picked him up, and snuggled easily into his chest. He was just so warm...
"I'm such a lazy person. Look at this. Having my friend carry me up the stairs..." He giggled again softly, letting his eyes close. Louis wouldn't drop him or anything. Even if it was three whole flights of stairs... But his smile faded, and his eyes opened again. "Why couldn't you be my brother, huh?" he asked quietly, just above a whisper. 

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 12, 2014 at 4:41 pm

"I think se.xy is very appropiate." Lucas responded back, his reply somewhat muffled as he snuggled closeer to Sam, his face half turned towards his chest. the black t-shirt smelt like antiseptic, and the faint scent of lemon laundry detergent. Curiously, he sniffed his own black shirt, to find that his smelled the same, too. At Sam's response, however, caused him to turn around, and have his thin fingers brush against Sam's cheek.
"You don't have to talk about it," He murmured in comfort, nodding his head in understanding. "Really, it's alright." Lucas reassured, leaning his head up to press his lips lightly against Sam's, before there came a knock from the door.
"I hope I am not interrupting something important again." Came Nella's voice, which was enough for Lucas to flush slightly and stagger upwards off of Samael. Nella peeked her head in experimentally, and upon seeing the seperated, brightened, opening the door fully. "Come along now; dinner awaits you." She paused, as if remembering something, and for the first time, Lucas noticed a type of watch on her wrist. Less of a watch, and more of a silver cuff where she hastily typed in a message, before gesturing for them to follow after her.
"For you." Louis admitted with a smirk, reaching the first landing easily. He was pretty strong, and Ryan was much smaller compared to him. Maybe not as small as Lucas, but that was a stretch, for anyone to be as tiny as the boy. He was about to embark up the second staircase, before he paused, tilting his head to give Ryan a curious look.
"Are we only just that?" He asked softly, his purple eyes fluttering fleetingly. "Friends?" Louis clarified, before he swallowed, frowning."And if I was your brother, I couldn't do this, could I?" He leaned forward for trace his lips on Ryan's exposed collarbone, his forked tongue flicking out. He pulled back, a red filling his pale cheeks. Suddenly, his cuff beeped, and Louis made an irritable sound, setting Ryan carefully on the ground. He read his message, wrinkling his nose. "Ugh. It's dinner time already?" 

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 14, 2014 at 11:11 am

((Bump :) ))

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NextGen replied...
Jun. 16, 2014 at 6:57 pm

[I'm sorry Dx I randomly got super busy all of a sudden, and I didn't have time yo reply till now.]
Samael kissed Lucas on the forehead with a sigh. He knew he'd probably have to talk about all this sometime... But right now just wasn't the time. Maybe not even today in general - perhaps tomorrow, or... next week... He shook away thought, trying to smile instead. He couldn't tell whether or not it looked fake.
Nella arrived, and Samael took Lucas's handand began following her down te hallway. He could only hope dinner wouldn't be weird. Well, too weird - this entire day was pretty odd in itself. "Maybe we can talk later," he murmured quietly, keeping his gaze forward. "But for now... For now, we'll just try to make it through this meal, hm?"
It was nice being carried by someone so wonderful, and Ryan sighed softly in contentment as Louis's lips grazed his collarbone. "Even if you were my brother, I'd probably let you, because that just feels so nice..." he admitted. Still, Louis's previous question bothered him a little; weren't they friends? Wasn't this what friends did?
Louis set him down, and Ryan looked at the floor, still thinking that question over. Now he was just confused. He swallowed, not quite sure what to say, so he simply tried a smile. "Wow. I can't believe we lost track of time that badly..." He chuckled, though it didn't look very happy. "Well, let's go then, before Nathan notices we aren't there and gets all suspicious."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 17, 2014 at 1:07 am

(( No worries :) ))
"The meal sounds good." Lucas confirmed with an earnest nod, tossing Sam a smile. Just because. Nella was briskly walking, talking to them, even if they were quite a few steps behind. Lucas thought that Nella was the kind of person to talk, even if no one was listening. This, of coarse, only made him want to listen even more.
"...Ajax does not dine with us." Lucas heard her say, in that stiff way of hers that she always seemed to hold when talking about her horrible father. "Sometimes with Nathan, though never with us unless a...special occasion arises." Nella made it sound like special occasions weren't really the normal defintiion of "special". Lucas swallowed, tigthening his grip on Samael's hands. They stopped at the elevator, and Nella smiled warmly at them.
"Nathan, however, dines with us, along with Kier, who will be your mentor, Samael. To assist you with your powers. I assure you, he is kind." She nodded, befoe the elevator opened with a small ding, and she stepped in. "The dining hall is on the second floor."
"So if Nathan decided to kiss you, then you would let him?" Louis asked, skeptical, and somewhat disgusted as he wrinkled his nose. "I mean, if he was nice to you?" He added in clarification, before wrinkling his nose and shaking his head. "Nevermind. Don't tell me. I don't wanna imagine you kissing Nathan. Or anyone else, actually. Just me." At this, Louis smiled brilliantly--the kind that really lit up his face, the one that he only gave to Ryan in times like this--before he swooped down, kissing him fully, and then sweeping him up in his arms in the same notion.
"Nella told me we're having spaghetti, anyways." Louis added, starting up the second staircase. "Yum." Louis gave Ryan another smile, for his benefit. 

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