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Wings.Of.Eagles posted this thread...
Jan. 15, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Hey here's the thread!
So the plot is a foster child is brought into a family and mad eto share a room with the families oldest child, who is the smae age as the foster kid.  The oldest child turns out to be a girl.
Anyway this girl doesn't like the foster kid, she pushes him away and refuses to make friends with him.  SHe seems to have some strong aversion to him and only tolerates his presence around her parents.
SOmething happens when the two kids are together, something big that forces them to become sisterly and brotherly and changes them froever(Event is undecided as of now...can't think of anything)
So this probably more of a feel good RP though we can throw some action into it maybe some suspense?  Mystery? :-P

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 15, 2014 at 9:53 pm

Name:  Maxine Olivia Bazin (Max) 
Gender: Female
Age: 15 
Looks:  Max is a small girl standing at 4'10", she's stopped growing upwards now.  She has a light frame and has narrow shoulders and just a petite figure.  She has developing curves which make her look feminine if she chooses to wear the right clothes.  Max is also lightly muscled from working on the farm. 
Max's skin is tanned softly to a light healthy brown.  She has callouses on her small hands and on the bottom of her feet.  Max has some scars, mostly on her shins, elbows, and hands, these are from various adventures she and her brother had when they were younger.   She also has a long scar on her forhead reaching from the corner of her left eye all the way to the upper right side of her forehead, she has another small one reaching from just under her nose to the left down across her thin lips to the right side of her chin.  These scars are thin and hard to see, she got them in a car accident.
Max's has dark brown hair, it's really dark and in sunlight you can see reddish brown highlights in it.  Right now it's in a very scruffy pixie cut that hangs over her ears, scrapes the nape of her neck barely and hang over her face a bit.  It's very wavy and get curlier depending on the humidity. 
Her eyes are a very dark hazel with dots of dark green and brown here and there.  She has eye shaped like thick almonds, strand of her hair usually hang in her eyes.  She has normal eye brows and what is generally called 'perfect' eyelashes that are dark and just the right length...not that Maxine honestly cares, she rarely cares about how she looks. 
Max normally wears boys jeans/cargo shorts and a semi-fitted t-shirt, or basketball style tank top.  If she running or exercising she'll wear bright sport shorts(with compression short underneath) and short's tank top.   
On her feet are either work boots or a set of black running shoes with neon pink and blue highlights on them.  Her shoes are old, but if her feet hurt she just puts in an insole, she never get's rid of her shoes unless the sole of them is practicly off.   
On her head is either a neon orange ball cap with a black nike swoosh on the corner of the bill and 'Just Do It' written on the cap, the cap's old and dinghy with sweat and dirt but she still wears it or nothing on her head. 
Bio:  Maxine had a twin brother, Mason Oliver Bazin who she called Mase.  Mase and Max were very close and shared everything together.  They were best friends, if they were scared or needed to talk to someone they went to each other, though they loved their parents they didn't fully trust them to always be their for them.   Max and her brother lived part time with their mom and her husband and part time with their father. Their father lived in the city and was a bartender and janitor at the local school  Their mother lives out in the country with their stepfather who is a farmer.   
Both children were used to hard work and to the split living situation, their parents were never married and broke up when Mase and Max were 6.   
Mase and Max had a pretty ordinary life other than having to be with their father every other weekend during the school year and for half of their summer vacation.  They didn't seem to have any problems, they worked hard at school, on the farm, and at the fast food the worked at when they were with their father. The only problem they had was their father's drinking, but Mase and Max generally knew how to deal with that except for one night. 
Mase and Max had been waiting for their father at the bus stop where they were normally picked up.  Their father came and they got into the car.  Max could immediately tell her father was drunk, she tried to get him to stop the car, but he wouldn't.  They were careening down the road too fast when they swerved  becuase her father didn't want to hit the car in front of them, though he ended up hitting in anyway and rolled, flying into the ditch, landing upside down.  Mase's seat belt had snapped during the crash and he was killed instantly by being launched through the windshield. That was about a year ago.
Max's father is currently in jail for manslaughter of Mason and for injuring Max and the people in the car in front of them.
Max hasn't been the same since that way, she was always rather withdrawn only opening up to her twin, but after Mase died she became angry with the world, with her parents and she retreated into her own world, she helped out on the farm like normal but wasn't the quiet happy girl she had been.  
Extra: She has 4 half siblings.  Uriah (7), Ramsey (6), Reagan (5), and Kiernan(3)

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 15, 2014 at 11:09 pm

((Yay! :) I'll have my skellie up soon. My apologies. I'm working on it...))

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 15, 2014 at 11:28 pm

Name: Owen Michael South (Just goes by South)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Looks:  Owen is tall (6’) and gangly, with awkward joints, large feet and big hands. He looks like he’s still trying to grow into his body. He has fair skin that is pasty and pale. His eyes are a soft brown, and his hair would be a plain, light brown if he didn’t dye it a bright, neon blue. He lets his hair grow out shaggy and long in the front to hide the scars on his face. He has a burn scar that twists the skin under his left eye and a long scar that leaves a deep line from his right ear to the corner of his mouth, distorting the skin and making it harder for him to open his mouth and to talk. He has a few more random scars on his face and neck, slashes and burns.
He has a single piercing on the right side of his lower lip, two in his right ear and three in his left ear.
He has many scars over his body from harsh abuse. Mostly burns, but also several cuts. There are many scars that line his forearms and hands from defending his face, but he covers them with long sleeves and leather bracelets. He still has a few lingering bruises, as he has been recently removed from his old situation. He wears battered up old clothes that are either too big or too small. His clothes are full of holes, though not for style. Simply because they are nearly threadbare and tear very easily.
Bio: To be discovered.
Extras: He is terrified of the dark, though he would never admit it.

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:12 am

((I'll start))
Max sat in the back row of seats in their large dust red pick up.  There were four seats in the back and three in the front.  Uriah and Ramsey were in teh front and Keirnan and Reagan were in the back with Max.  Their father was back at the farm tending to a sick horse.  That way there was one open seat for the new boy.
Max didn't want a new brother, she kenw he rmother was just doing this to try and pull her out of her shell, to Max it seemed like he rmother was trying to replace Mase.
They were at the sfae house now, it'd been a four hour drive into town to pick this kid up.  The kids piled out as the walked into the place,
"Max, what's this place?"  Reagan asked, tugging at her sister's sleeve, Max jerked away from her half sister's touch,
"It's a safe house, Reagan" she grunted, her hands shoved into her jean pockets, her hat pulled over her face.
"Wha' a safe house?"  Keirnan asked.  Max groaned at her sisters' questions,

"It's where you stay if you're in a bad situation and cna't go home." she snapped at the three year old.  Max had been to a safe house a few times ebfore when her father's drinking had beenw orse, but not that much.
"Why..." Kiernan satrted,

"No more questions, girl!" Max said, quickening her step,

"Maxine..." her mother called quietly, trying to make her daughter be nicer.  Max  opened teh door and let everyone else in before she walked in.
"Excuse me, we're here to pick up Owen Micheal South?" Max's mother said to the lady there,
"I'm his socail worker, hold on whil I get him."  the lady said and she left to go back into the place and get the boy.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:17 am

South sat in the metal chair, staring at his hands. He just watched them quietly, flexing the scarred fingers slightly. 
He sat andhe waited to be taken away from this place and somewhere else. As much as he hated staying here, he didn't want a new home. A new family. Not that he had had much of a family at all before. 
He let his shaggy hair fall into his eyes as he heard footsteps. He didn't look up, he rarely looked up. He just sat quietly as the footsteps approached him. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:18 am

((By the way, Uriah, Kiernan, Ramsey, Reagan, Max's step dad, and Max's mother have the last name of Sire.  
(Max's mother took her 2nd husband's name but Max and Mase kept their father's))

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:19 am

((Got it. :) ))

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:21 am

South's social worker, Mrs. Waverly came in,

"South." she said quietly,

"The family's here to pick you up, grab your stuff." she told him,
"You have my number in case things get bad right?  You'll be out in teh country, on a farm actually I think." she told him, holding the door open and waiting for the lanky boy to get up and come.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:24 am

Silently, he reached down to grab his old, battered duffle bag. 
He never said a word, keeping his head lowered as always, hiding behind shaggy blue hair. He didn't even look at her, as if acting as though she wasn't there. 
It was clear with the way he dragged his feet in their battered shoes that he didn't want to leave. But from the defeated slump in his shoulders, it was clear he wasn't going to fight. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:33 am

Max eyed the young man who came down the hall after the soclair worker.  He rmother came forward and hugged the young man,
"Hi, I'm your mom now...if you're not comfortable with that you can call me Mrs. Sire." she said sweetly, taking the boy's hand,
"This is Uriah, Ramsey, Reagan, Kiernan, and Max." she siad pointing to each child in turn,
"Hey." Uriah said, trying to act cool and not doing it very well,
"Sup?" Ramsey siad as a form of greeting, eh was also trying to look cool.
Hi there!" Reagan said waving.
"HI MIS'ER!"  Kiernan said, rushing froward and hugging the tall boy's left leg,
"I'm fwee!" she said holding up three finger while still clinging to the boy's leg.
"This is Owen South, he goes by South."  Mrs. Waverly siad as Mrs. Sire signed the paperwork.
"Maxine, darling take South's bag won't you?" her mother asked.  Maxine groaned and coming forward she took the bag and slung it over her shoulder, careful to not rip it.
"South, sweetie, we have some clothes for you at home, My husband is about your hieght, you're skinnier though so they'd be baggy."  Mrs. Sire yammered, she led South to car, Kiernan still clinging to the boy's leg and the rest of teh children piling into the truck.  Max put the bag under the seat in the back.
"And Mase's old clothes are still in the attic they might fit you...right Max?" Mrs. Sire said.  MAx shot her mother a glare and waited for everyoen to pile in, the two younger boys too the front with their mother again and Kiernan finally untangled herself and she and Reagan sat on one side of teh truck, leaving two seats for Max and South.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:38 am

South flinched with every time he was touched. He hated being touched. He hated physical contact. 
But he never said a word, not even in protest. He just tensed, bringing his arms up unconsciously to protect his chest. 
Carefully, he got into the car, tugging lightly on his sleeves. He was reluctant to let go of his duffle bag, and he peeked up through blue bangs to see who had taken it. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:45 am

Max got in next to South and shut the door, she rolled her window down the air condition was broken so they needed all the air they could get in teh stuffy old truck.
Max had her arms crossed on her chest, the bringing up of Mase had turned her already less then friendly mood down.  SHe was half angry half reayd to cry, Max had never accepted counseling and still struggled with her brother's death.  
Kiernan was talking about her lamb, Galaxy, a black lamb with flecks of white and yellowish gold on her.
"Do you want to see my lamb?  We have lots of animals at our farm, cows, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, goats...we also have a pretty garden, I'm growing tomatoes!"  Kiernan said eagerly, She looked at South waiting for him to respond.  Kiernan was the most talkitive of the four younger children, Reagan was oddly self concious about speaking because she hadn't spoken until she was 4.  And the boys were whispering to one another about whether or not to show South their fortress, they were also trying to act cool.  And Max just resfused to talk to this boy her mother was replacing Mase with.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:48 am

South sat in silence, acting as if he was alone. His head fell forward, and his face disappeared in neon blue. He watched his hands again, flexing scarred fingers. 
Open, closed. Open, closed. 
He just watched his hands, trying to fade away. 
Finally, he glanced up, just peeking out through his hair to see his surroundings before lowering it again. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:52 am

"Don't you want to see Galaxy?"  Kiernan asked worried she gotten the new boy upset.  She swung her legs in her carseat and looked over at the blue ahired boy,
"I like your hair, it's pretty." she said reaching over, she was right next to SOuth, and playing with a lock of it,
"Look, Max, his hair is prettier and longer than yours." Kiernan siad, not menaing to be mean, she'd never seen her half sister's hair grown out, all she'd seen her sister's curent scruffy cut, which she didn't think pretty.
Max just grunted in return and glared out of the car,
Kiernan fell silent when it seeme dlike she was being ignored by the new boy, she turned and satrte dto whispering to Reagan and the girls just giggled and talked together who nobody knows what, they were chattering in what seeme dlike a foriegn language they were going so fast.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:54 am

"I like blue." He finally mumbled, his words coming out oddly because of the scar that twisted up the side of his mouth. That was all he said, not trying to be polite, not trying to be kind to the little girl. Just hoping that if he said something, he would be left alone. 
He reached up to scratch his ear lightly, fingers running over the silver colored piercings. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:04 am

"Oooh you have pretty earrings." Kiernan said glancing over, she went back to talking with her sister becuase the boy didn't seem to want to talk to her. Which sort of hurt Kiernan, she didn't like it when people ignored her or refuse dto talk to her, she got enough of that from Max.
Max sat silently for the whole four hours in the car, by the time they got home the sun was setting.  Max jumped out of the car and ran across the field towards a big red barn, the one the horses and their few cows were kept in, she wanted to be alone, not around her fmaily or this stupid new boy.  
The farm was large, it had been in the Sire family for years and the Sires had worked it for years.  They had mostly animals, acorss the sweeping 13 acres plus you could see crops pastures, there was a building for the sheep and goats, a barn for the horses and  for the cows together, a sty for the pigs.
The house was a large, old looking white farm house, the paint was peeling bcaus ethe Sires never had time to fix it working everything on the farm.  It was two stories, it had four bedrooms, three baths, one master bath, one down stairs and one upsatrs, an attic, and everything else that's suppose dto be in a house.  All the bedrooms were on the second floor.
There was chicken coop next to the house where chicken were wadnering around.  And on another side of the house, built a little bit away was the garage with the equipment.
A man was staning in the farm hous edoorway, he wtahced Max run off and then cameforward, helping his daughter out of the car, hold Kiernan, who was tire din his arms,
"Hello young man, "I'm Mr Sire, or Amos or Dad, whatever you choose." he said calmly to the man

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:06 am

"Mr. Sire." South mumbled, peeking up uneasily. Cowering a little almost from the man. And he spoke to him. 
Out of fear. 
He shifted slightly in his old shoes, not daring to make this man angry. 

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Wings.Of.Eagles replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:10 am

"Well come in, Owen...or do you prfer to go by something else?" Mr. Sire asked, he smiled at the boy in a friendly.  
Mr. Sire himself had grown up in the foster system after his mother ha ddied and his father had abandoned him at a fire station.  He'd been adopted into the Sire family when was 13.  That was one of the reasons he always wante dto foster or adopt at least one child.
Mr. Sire carried Kiernan into the house, holding her in one arm and holding Reagan's hand in his other.  Ramsey and Uriah jumped out,
"Dude you'll have to show me how dye my hair!"  Uriah said to South before running in the house,
"ME too!" Ramsey said, copying hsi older brother.  Mrs.  Sire came and walked past him into the house.  She wans't concerned about Max, her daughter would come in when she flet like it, there was no point in going after her.

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TheLastDragon replied...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:12 am

"South, sir. I go by South." He mumbled, only glancing up. He followed cautiously, not brushing his bangs out of the way as he walked. 

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