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Falcon Riders (5 Girls 5 Boys needed)

IonDeaThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Nov. 11, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Ithil, (F) The falcon of night: the falcon of night is a pure black, with no blemishes and eye as bright white as two stars. Its medallion grants the wearer power over shadows and night. The medallion color is black. Note: this falcon Is NOT EVIL please don’t make it that way. Its symbol is a moon

Name: Belladonna
Age: (18)
Appearance: Bella has pale, almost ghostly white skin that only looks paler due to the midnight black hair that falls in loose waves down her back. She leaves it free, held back only by a crown of Belladonna, the flower for which she’s taken her name. She is tall and thin, and often she wears a loose purple and black cloak over her grey flowing, and almost translucent dress. Her feet are bare more often than not, and her eyes are a bright, light blue, almost silvery grey.
Personality: Bella is caring and gentle, but easily scared, explaining the reason she often isolates herself from the other elves. She doesn’t understand the way the other elves live so freely in the light, and she is often alone, walking the forest freeling at night where no-one can see her. Bella has a deep connection and compassions for the night, and the animals and creatures that thrive in it, who are often misunderstood, and associated with evil.  Bella does have her traits however that let her fit in. She has a deep knowledge of poisons, though she would never use them to harm any who were undeserving.
Bio: Bella grew up with her father, her mother having died giving birth. From the time she was little, she was always a little fearful of being around the other elves, preferring to stay inside, or walk with her father in the woods. Her father was one of the prominent elves in the guard, but he was killed when Bella was 12. His death only rooted her fear of the world, and she grew even farther from the other elves who lived around her, and cared for her after his death. She began to spend more time out at night, and when she would return she’d tell stories of the creatures she’d seen and associated with. People were fearful of them and therefore became fearful of her. From time to time, when times of fighting were strong, Bella would be asked to make poisons that would coat the swords and arrows of the elves to aid them in battle. She would, but the people were always fearful of her for associating with the darker creatures, so none got close to her.
Extra: Bella is very knowledgeable in the making and distributing of poisons. She is not skilled in other fighting forms of any kind because she does not enjoy harming others and she is only willing to let the other elves use her poisons because it would quickly end any suffering their enemies may be enduring.

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Shooting.Star replied...
Nov. 11, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Name:  Sterling Dunnfrey
Gender:  Male
Appearance:  Sterling is a scrawny, pale boy.  He has knobby little hands and feet, and his cheekbones are gaunt and pronounced.  His skin resembles a lesser version of the winter's first snowfall.  With a button sized nose and ears to match, this elf possesses very little strength or muscularity.  His eyes are unlike those anyone has ever seen before.  One is gold, and one is silver.  The golden is purely gold, aside from a few purple flecks around the outer edges.  The silver eye is deep silver around the pupil, and branches out into a mixture of blue, green, and purple flecks throughout the rest of it.  His hair is wavy and golden, but falls no shorter than his ears.  It has a variety of faint brown and black streaks in it, their vibrancy depending on the season.
Personality:  Sterling is a meek young boy, paticularly when faced with danger.  He is a pure coward, hence why he is shunned by most of his kind.  If you took the time to truly get to know him, then you would realize that he's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.  Deep down, he is compassionate, and empathetic for others and their emotions/pain.  For the few friends he has, he is devotedly loyal, and would willingly die for any of them.  However, he is extremely gullible, and will believe anything  you say.  He's also consistently honest, mostly because he can't tell a lie to save his life.  Lastly, he can come off as annoying, because he's extremely talkative.  If you let him, he could carry out an entire conversation without any help. 
Bio:  Sterling was a descendant of royalty.  Prior to his birth, his father held the throne.  Unfortunately, he was so disliked by his people that he was killed in the town square.  His mother gave birth to him a few days after, and remained depressed for a majority of his childhood.  He had three older brothers, who had all moved out due to embarrassment from their father.  Basically, Sterling raised himself, which is probably why he possesses the few quirks he does.  He was rarely socialized, which is why he essentially has no filter when speaking to others.  Sterling is absolutely terrified of death because of his father's, and is paranoid that everyone else in the world is out to kill him or his mother.
Extras:  Sterling is often seen wandering around in the woods as a loner.  He has befriended many of the animals, who happen to be some of his most loyal friends.

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GuardianoftheStars replied...
Nov. 11, 2013 at 10:01 pm

Coia, (F) The falcon of healing: This falcon has chocolate brown feathers, with dark, moss like grass intertwined, so it looks moss green. Its medallion will grant the wearer the ability to heal, as long as the person is not dead. The medallion is green, the symbol is a leaf.
Name: Galen Aswinikumar
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: She has curly red hair that falls to her mid-back.  It is a constant battle, one that she usually loses, to keep it maintained (though it still has the silky beauty that elven hair has).  She has pale green eyes that are large, but very open and honest (she is a terrible liar).  She is pale, but no freckles, and because of this she gets really flushed and red in the face whenever embraced.  She is average height, for an elf, and size.  She usually is wearing her favorite dress. It is white at the top with loose sleeves- until it reaches her elbow. When her sleeve reaches her elbow it opens up and hangs daintily.   The torso of the dress is brown and in the front has a crisscross ties that allow her to tighten and loosen the dress. The Skirt is a deep evergreen color.  She usually has her cloak- that is such a dark green it looks black- and a side satchel on.  Most of the time she is barefoot.
She wears a necklace with an emerald encircled with silver leaves.
Personality: She is a motherly type.  She always was tending to people- whether they were younger or older than her. She can be a bit too protective at times though and struggles to know when she is over-stepping her bounds when trying to help someone.  She hates hunting and people who are mean.  If you anger her she won’t seek revenge, but she probably will never go out of her way to help you again.  Galen is often found around people or animals and tending to them.  Sometimes she gets overwhelmed by taking too much at one time and can be very snippy and mean.  When she gets like this she needs to escape and have some alone time to recharge before she is okay again.
Bio: She comes from a ‘common’ family. She had a good mother and father and a little brother.  Her mother was a healer and taught her a lot of what Galen knows. Her father was a blacksmith and taught her a bit of that trade as well.  Her brother helped their father with the shop while Galen ventured out on her own when she turned 18.  She has traveled a lot and has met quite a few people. She stops at villages and tends to any sick before moving on.  She feels like she has not yet found her place yet so she continues traveling until she finds her destiny.  She also goes through the forest a lot because she finds it peaceful and she loves the animals – who grow to love her in return.
Extra: She set off because she had a dream as a child of a bird leading her to something great. Ever since the dream she has been searching for her destiny.  She always carries medical supplies and potions to help anyone she can along her journey.

MARKING: A simple leaf on her hand where the side of her thumb is. It has a small trail of other leaves that flow from it (going underneath the wrist toward her pinky) and wraps itself once around the wrist until it stops (the leaves get slightly smaller until they're too small to be seen anymore).

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:29 am

((I'm tempted but the schedule ahead looks busy :/   )

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:41 am

((Alright, I'll read over it and see...))

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:43 am

((Okay, I'm too lazy to look back and forth and try to figure it out, which falcons are available?))

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:46 am

((That's fine. I'll see about making a skellie.))

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:50 am

((I love Sira. I'll post the skellie tonight hopefully.))

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 1:11 am

Sira, (F) Falcon of Time: this falcon is brown with specks of bright, glowing yellow and a beak that matches. Its medallion grants the wearer power over time, but only for thirty minutes if they go back or forward, they can also stop time for anyone they choose. This medallion color is yellow. Its symbol is an hourglass.
Name: Umbra "Shadow"
Age: 17.
Appearance: Umbra is tall and slender, giving him a very stretched appearance. He stands taller than nearly anyone he meets, but his strength only matches his horizontal size. His eyes are a very light blue, which can cause discomfort when he looks at you certain ways. His face is narrow and long, only adding to the stretched appearance. He has short, light brown hair which is kept fairly well, but not perfect. His complexion is rather dark compared to what you'd expect for some elves, but he is not dark by human standards. His ears don't really come to that fine of a point, and his nose is wide compared to the rest of his face, but not so much to make him consider it a flaw. His symbol is quite simple and what you'd expect from the falcons. A yellow mark shaped like an hour glass is upon his hand, although when he uses his power, he can use it to tell time and such because it will act almost like a real hourglass.
Personality: Umbra is a very quiet and thoughtful person, with a voice like silk, good for singing and not debating or shouting. He has a strong fondness for birds especially, and he does not like a lot of noise, for it disrupts his thought and concentration. Time is something he has always dwelled upon, considering what it is and how it affects everyone. Despite how much he dwells on it, however, he's hardly ever on time. He has a horrible habit of sleeping in, being late, and losing track. He has little confidence when it comes to standing up to others, but there's room to grow.
Bio: Oh my, do I really have to make a bio? Can I please be excused from it? Pretty please?

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Nov. 12, 2013 at 11:50 am

Umbra's Bio: Umbra grew up an only child to busy, middle-class parents. In his life he never really gathered friends, or had much attention from his parents, leading to him becoming such the quiet thoughtful type he is today.

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GreekGoddess replied...
Nov. 12, 2013 at 4:47 pm

((Sorry I've been so busy, I'll try to post a skelli tonight!))

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Corin_Willow replied...
Nov. 12, 2013 at 7:19 pm

Name: Corin Wolfhowls

Appearance: Tall with long chestnut hair bound into a pony tail. Long chestnut hair with green and brown eyes. Large and plump, with nothing to have her compared with elves but a white henna marking on her hand. Eyes are piercing and sharp. Ears are not pointed, but are very keen.
Personality: Witty and intelligent with a quick thinking atmosphere. Strong and often loses temper easily. skilled swordswoman and handy in a skirmish. Glare oftens puts people in their places. Her atmosphere may seem outlandish at first, but she dearly enjoys a good laugh. very protective of the friends she has found. Enjoys woods, reading from her rag-tag library, and cool summer night, fresh autumn days, bright spring and summer days and nights. Surprisingly not complainative around rain.
Bio: Her father was a human and her mother an elf. Father was banished from the sight of elves and was later attacked and killed by goblins. Mother died from heartache at childbirth, stayed long enough to give her child a name, Corinth. Shortened to Corin by the elders out of dishonor towards her mother and father. Left to the gypsy fae's but ran away at age 5. Lives in a makeshift treehouse deep within the woods were elves do not tread. Age= 16. Often trades with fae's and fairies/pixies. Welcomed among dwarves, but continues to live by self. Can speak in pixish (fairy language), and lantid (dwarf respect speak). Often writes random runes, but doesn't live with elves. Takes after her father greatly, with only the green and brow eyes of her mother. 

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readaholic replied...
Nov. 12, 2013 at 9:09 pm

((sry, hopefully have my skelly up tomorrow!!))

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readaholic replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 6:36 am

((darn alarm clock got me up an hour early...guess I don't have an excuse to push this off anymore ;) ))
Ear (M, pronounced ay- ar), Falcon of the sea: this falcon has shimmering, midnight blue feathers and grey eyes, with matching beak. Its medallion grants the wearer power of water and the sea. The medallion color is blue its symbol is a tear drop 
Name: Mynqui Floirmit
Appearance: Thick, jet-black hair, about shoulder length, usually kept in a messy ponytail.  Slightly darker, olive skin.  Light blue-green eyes, small and close together.  A small forehead, but high cheekbones.  Large, but pale lips.
Noticeably tall, at least for elves, making her limbs seem somewhat lanky and awkward.  She is a little muscled, but not very skinny.
Marking: Blue snake-like mark, stretching from behind her left ear, once around her neck and torso, and ending between the first two tows on her right foot. It is thicker in the middle and thinner at its ends. It sometimes shimmers like water in sunlight.
Personality: Makes a conscious effort to be cold and cruel.  She feels that sympathy is weakness and refuses to give or accept any except in dire circumstances.  She is confused about why she was chosen to be a Falcon Rider, to the point where she almost wants to quit and return to a normal life.  Her lack of emotion can enable her to see things more clearly than others, while also making it harder for her to comprehend other people's actions.  Used to being asocial, but partakes in any social activities she deems "necessary".
Bio: Mynqui was raised by hard-working elves, and learned the ways of elven society quickly.  However, her parents were somewhat radical, and didn't believe this way of life was completely fulfilling.  They passed their apathetic ways onto her, and didn't allow her to attend things like parties.  She excelled in her studies from her time alone, so no one paid her any mind.

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Eshshah replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 11:57 am

Falcon: Ele- falcon of vision.
Name: Moth Pilin (Dusk Arrow-[arrow refers to her father’s profession])
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance:  Standing at 5’9, Moth is slight and lithe with a strong but lanky figure.  Her skin is a warm, dark, olive tone that contrasts sharply against her pale grey eyes.  Moth looks about average for an elf- not particularly pretty or ugly, she is so surprisingly normal that she has no trouble blending in.  Her nose is long and sculpted, and her eyes are vague and distant, having an almost ethereal quality about them. Moth has high cheekbones accented by clusters of oddly dark freckles.  Her hair is dark chestnut brown accented with copper and falls to her lower back in tight, unruly ringlets.  Her ears are pointed very sharply and add delicateness to her otherwise normal features.  Moth wears a loose, belted grey tunic dress over leather chaps that match her archer’s glove on.  She also likes to wear Andalusite earrings with a matching hairclip and buckled, tough working boots.
Personality:  Moth is quiet, keen, and pensive.  She naturally seeks meaning and understanding in the world, and is incredibly intuitive.  She blends in to her surroundings well, sometimes annoyingly so because people don’t notice her.  Moth either appears very aloof or entirely “spaced out”, but in reality she is always hyper-aware of her surroundings.  She analyzes what she sees and takes in information clearly.  On the bad side, Moth has no social life and pretends to not particularly want one, although deep down she seeks someone who would understand her.  As her name suggests, she is almost invisible, a girl you could pass by and forget about, the kind of person that no one sees.  Moth has some interesting quirks- she is very, very methodical and creative at the same time.  The best way to describe thought process is “ordered chaos” or vice versa.  Her small room is covered with very scribbly and, well, bad, sketches, and her desk is strewn with orderly rows of semi-precious gemstones.  She has never been a fighting type, but is reasonably skilled with a bow and arrow, since her trade of choice calls for it.  Moth also prefers to think with her eyes closed, leading some to believe she has fallen asleep.
 Bio: Moth grew up in a small household with one older brother who works in the family business. Her father is an expert fletcher (he makes arrows), and her mother is an herbalist, so in elfish terms she’d be about middle class. Moth currently is learning the trade from her brother and Is becoming a promising fletcher herself.  Moth experiments with herbs from time to time, but does not see it as her career of choice, even though traditionally elven daughters follow their mother’s trade.
Extra: Moth’s weapon of choice is a light maple bow carved with runes paired with a set of semi precious gem tipped arrows.

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Eshshah replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 11:59 am

((oh yeah, forgot))
Marking: her symbol is and eye that is simply branded into her left hand.  It is a very unassuming, small, mark- about and inch long, but glows brilliantly in no particular color, since it is iridescent and always changing.

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Rocky-Patton replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 3:08 pm

((I forgot markings also))
Markings: 4 small grey diamonds on his left hand.

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GreekGoddess replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Kalin (M) The falcon of light: This falcon has pure white feathers with no blemishes. Its eyes are yellow and seem to glow. Its medallion grants the wearer power over light and electricity. The medallion is white; the symbol is a sun with long rays. 
Name: Fleece Slew
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Fleece has a fairly large build, his arms and legs are muscular from working all day and he stands at 5' 11. Fleece has a slightly hollow look to his face, as if he doesn't eat enough, his cheeks are slightly sunken, and his chin juts out. His golden wavy brown hair falls a little past the base of his neck and sticks out at odd angles, cut by someone who didn't know what they were doing. He has dark brown eyes that always seem to look at the ground. Fleece's skin on his arms and face are bronze, but has huge tan lines where his shirt and shorts are. His ears are pointed.
Personality: Fleece would prefer the world to just be him and broken objects. Fleece doesn't really like to be with other people, but he doesn't show it, being friendly and calm with them. He is quiet, but has strong opinions and will voice them. He doesn't have many friends, but those that he has, he will try to keep, even if he starts to not like them anymore.
Bio: His father dies when he was young, and his mother was a drinker. He moved in with his grandfather in his mechanic shop when he was 7. He learned how to fix almost any object, and tries not to get into any difficult situations. His grandfather is the only one he likes to be around.
Markings: His markings are on the back of his right arm, a white sun.

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GreekGoddess replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 4:29 pm

((Is he accepted?))

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GreekGoddess replied...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 5:11 pm

((Okay, so would 6'3 be okay for height? And for the what he can fix, mostly household items, so wooden objects and simple devices like wagons or harnesses (for the horses). Both his grandfather and him know how to fix metals (like swords) but neither have practice nor the materials avalibe))

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